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Your Habits Own Your ASS!

Alternately named: The importance of effective Habits (not as exciting) :P

So for the last couple of days I’ve just been running back and forth between the toilet. EXPLOSIVE Diarrhoea

I couldn’t even USE toilet paper anymore- my ass was on fire.

It was Brutal. I had to shower after each poop (for that clean feeling) …. So I’d wash my little bum after each time, go back to bed – and 30 seconds later I’d be back on the toilet.


After about 3 days of this, today I was finally back to normal. I got up and went to do my morning yoga routine. And boy, did I not want to do it. I mean I was LAY-ZE. I was making every excuse in the book. “I’m tired!” … “I’ll do it tomorrow!” … “I just don’t feel like it today!” …. BLAH BLAH BLAH!

I KNOW I need my yoga. I know I get all super tight and cranky if I don’t do my stretches….. but still, I’m making excuses. WTF?

Well, I forced myself through it, and like 5 minutes in I was like “OMG this feels amazing! Yes!!!”

After, I couldn’t BELIEVE I almost talked myself out of it. What was I thinking???

I started contemplating just how powerful habits are, and how easy it can be to talk yourself out of something that’s good for you.

3 days – just THREE DAYS of not doing my stretches – and I’m trying to bitch out because it’s a LITTLE BIT of effort. Really??

How habits… our “Life routines” if you will, are essentially what MAKE us who we are. Because we do them all the time.

Eat shitty food? You’re going to be an unhealthy person.

Love eating healthy, organic food? You’re probably going to life a long healthy life.

Do you make spontaneous financial decisions without thinking things through too much? You’re probably not going be financially secure.

Make great decisions, and don’t waste money? Awesome. You’re going to be in a good place financially.

It’s not rocket science!

And yet so many people ignore this basic rule – and just do whatever.

Watch TV for 6 hours a night?

Get a Bic Mac and Coke after work each day?

Work the same job you hate, day in day out, and never really do anything about it?

Go into a super loud club, and don’t bother to put ear plugs in?

Walk by dozens of cute girls each week, and do nothing?

Be very careful my friends…and make your habits your own –

Otherwise they just may turn you into somebody you don’t want to be.

Until next time….


p.s You know how you just can’t SPELL some words? Diarrhoea is one of those ones for me. I mean, it’s RIDICULOUS. And it has “ho” in it. Diarr HO ea? I mean WTF is this language??? Sigh.


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