WOKE AF PODCAST: A Trip Down The Esoteric Rabbit Hole….. feat Shae Mathews

I just made this new podcast. WHEW! Going down the “reality” rabbit hole sure is fun!


Once you realize (obviously) that everything we’re told to do (including the very lives we live) is based on a complete deception of what is real.


In this podcast we delve deep down… And we investigate the fact that (As Shae Mathews says so acutely in the podcast) most games people are playing are just diseased ways of being. For example:


Trying to get rich

Trying to get ripped

Trying to get girls

Trying to get famous

They ALL lead to the same place.


A place of emptiness.You know in your soul – our society is broken….. And we have become sick ourselves obeying its rules, and playing within it’s containers.


Well, I choose to live by our own set rules….. and live on my own terms.


If you are ready for that…. Put your seat belt on, and strap in.


Here is part 1:


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