What do you Stand for?

Most guys have no idea if you ask them “What do you stand for?”

When I talk to women, they know what I’m about.

My intentions are really clear.

There’s no “mistaking” what I want.

There’s no “confusion.”

There’s no “bullshit”


Because I know what I stand for. I’m honest. I know what I want, I’m shameless about it.

And BECAUSE women know that I KNOW what I stand for – they’re ok doing things with me they’d NEVER do with anyone else.

Interestingly, knowing what you stand for is 100% necessary for life success. How can anyone deal with you or take you seriously if they don’t know what you’re about?

Also interestingly: What I stand for doesn’t change whether I’m hitting on girls, doing business deals, or teaching my clients.

While flirting:

  1. I’m honest. (Hey you’re sexy, I wanna meet you)
  2. I know what I want. (We should go somewhere and practise making babies)
  3. I’m shameless about getting it. I give women CRAZY ORGASMS!!! What’s to be ashamed of??

While doing business:

  1. I’m honest. My products/services really do what I say they do
  2. I know what I want. I want to travel around the world, helping guys get amazing (sex) lives, while avoiding getting a real job ;)
  3. I’m shameless about getting it. I’m proud of my job and the amazing results I get for people – I GET GUYS LAID PROFESSIONALLY!!! Woot!

Are you with me here? So if YOU don’t know what YOU stand for, you better shut off your computer, turn of your TV, get a piece of paper and a PEN (Yeah, remember those things?) …. and WRITE A FEW DOWN.

And remember – knowing what you stand for is more important than anything else in life. What you stand for MAKES YOU who you are.

Take ten minutes and actually think about it, instead of just closing this message and going to waste time searching for urination porn on redtube.

Everything I’ve gotten in life is because I know what I stand for. You can’t be putting together global events like the Direct Dating Summit, and being buddies with amazing people like John Keegan, James Marshall, Alan Roger Currie, Steve Pavlina, Johnny Soporno, and Badboy without knowing what you stand for. And you can’t be working with an AMAZING team with folks like Ryan Black, PartyPony, Arthur, and Isabelle) without them knowing it too.

Got it? Good.
To your continued success in finding, and living what you stand for….. ;)



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