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We should all be gay

28th sept

Went to the gym for the first time in 2 weeks – not that I haven’t been working out – I’ve been doing body weight exercises in the park with my friends instead.  Pull ups, push ups, dips, etc.  Oh, I bought anti-gravity boots too, where u hang upside down. Great for you back and abs. Anyways –  I popped into a location that was gay. Really gay. I want into the change room and like 4 dudes are standing there waiting for the shower – all staring at me. SHeeeeeeeeeeeet.

And as I was in there I noticed – gays are all happy and smiley and shit. When they look at you, they are just doing that flirty smile thing. They are shameless, SHAMELESS. They are totally OK with wanting sex, all the time. All of ‘em. It’s brilliant! No wonder they’re GAY. Wouldn’t you be? If you didn’t have to worry about all the bullshit related to getting some pussy?  Fuck yeah. Gays have it made, jack.

I was thinking that should be how we all are. Shameless. Friendly. Smiling and flirting. IT’s good game. Let’s all act like the gays!!

Anywho: As I walked out of the gym I picked up this cutie in front of your friend. The friend was pushing her on me. PUSHING.  Was just honest and said I saw ‘em both and they were both cute. Decided on the fly I liked the asian more (turns out she’s the single one) yay! It was on. I did my old school carrying away move (love it) …. Felt her up a bit as I put her down. Amazing skin…ugh…. oh yeah. I’m hot for this girl, for sure.

Will invite her out to somethin’ …


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