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Wanna be famous? ;)

I’m excited to announce a unique opportunity to come with Myself, James Marshall, Ryan Daygame and Liam McRae on the infamous Euro Tour for FREE!* this May.
Have we gone crazy? We were always crazy but there’s method to this madness.

We’ve decided to film a high quality documentary of James and I talking about our crazy adventures, and doing the infamous Eurotour together.

So we need 4 brave guys to join us and take part in the doco. That’s the only catch. By coming, you agree to have your journey of self improvement and seductive success filmed for all to see. This film will be about the coaches, their students and the incredible challenges, changes and successes that they experience on tour. This doco will hopefully be screened at film festivals as well as having online release, so you will be a cast member in this amazing pick up road movie.

For guys who are paranoid about anyone finding out they want to get better with girls, or feel their identities cannot be tied to coaching, this is not for you.
But if you are proud of the fact that you want more out of life, are excited to learn from the world’s best and take the adventure of a lifetime; this may be the greatest opportunity you will ever have.

If you’ve actually got a pair of balls….read on:

The tour is officially from 9th -21st May, starting in Prague and finishing in Belgrade.
Prague, Budapest, Belgrade.. Our favourite cities for chasing insanely hot Eastern Euro ladies..

Application process
To apply you must speak very good English and have a sincere desire to improve your game and your entire character. We are open to applicants from anywhere in the world. To apply you must make a short video of yourself and send to me….Sasha

In the video please cover the following:
1. Introduce yourself, tell us about your current lifestyle, work, hobbies
2. Tell us about your history with women and socially, the issues you have had.
3. What areas you would like to improve on if chosen for the project
4. Why we should choose you to receive one of the places.

You must be available from 19th – 21st May 2013. Please do not apply unless you are certain you have this time available.

* The Euro Tour usually costs around $9000. If chosen for the documentary you will receive all coaching for free however you will need to cover your own flights to and from the tour and must pay for your accommodation and transfer expenses which is $1500USD.

Send the video to me at Sasha at Sashapua dot com ….. and may the best men get on the program!


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