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Vipassana meditation retreat review

Alright boys and girls, I just got back from Vipassana meditation. FUCK! That was BRRUUUUUUTAl!

Toughest shit ever. Well, after the Ayahuasca ceremonies in Peru… hardest thing I’ve ever done. Calming my mind is IMPOsSIBLE!!!!

Still – it’s a super powerful tool if you want to learn to be more in the moment – and certainly if you want to be more calm and in control of life’s ups and downs. EQUANIMOUS! (Not sure how to spell that!)

Truth be told, I made it to the 9th day and got thrown out for winding people up. I just couldn’t take it. No talking, looking at people, reading, writing – NOTHING but meditation for 10 days. I just start messing with people and…. yeah, thew threw me out.

I just don’t think I was ready for that shit. Maybe at some point in the future….

I’ve done a youtube video talking about it right here:

Enjoy and leave your comments byatches! I’ll talk about all the funny stuff I did (which got me asked to LEAVE on the Sasha Daygame I-tunes podcast #1, that should go out THIS THURSDAY! ;)




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