Direct Game Crutch

Are You Using Direct Game as a Crutch?

Huh?? SASHA talking shit about direct game?

Let me explain: A lot of dudes are under the impression that you HAVE to be super direct ALL the time.

They’re walking up to women saying all kinds of crazy stuff – in INNAPROPRIATE situations.

They think:


And therefore you MUST tell girls you want to fuck them in the ass IMMEDIATELY when you approach them.


Direct doesn’t mean you must RIGHT AWAY express your sexual intention – it means you don’t HIDE it. You can express it a bit later too – it’s fine!

This idea that if you don’t tell her she’s hot IMMEDIATELY makes you indirect! That’s silly! But if it’s been 10 minutes and she still thinks you’re talking to her because you’re new in town – yeah – you’re a bitch!! (Side note; I PREFER to tell a woman she’s beautiful right away, simply because that’s my style – and I love the great reactions) but I don’t do that ALL the time.

As much as I’m all about being up front with your intentions, we don’t live in a universe that’s black and white… so it’s just not fair to say INDIRECT=BAD /// DIRECT = GOOD! (Although it’s tempting!)

You can’t say ALL politicians are bad (though most are) or ALL commercial food is unhealthy (though most is) or ALL PUA’s are weirdos (Though a lot are!)

We live in a complex universe of infinite variables.

So even though it’s tempting to make things black and white, they almost never are.

Oh wait – except cheesecake. All cheesecake is good!!! :P

Sometimes being direct is just plain stupid. Like if you’re on a bus with lots of people around. Why would you do that? She’ll feel TONS of pressure and get weirded out. Fail.

If you’re in university and a girls in your class – DUDE – she can never be like “yeah let’s go fuck!” because then she’s a super slut.  HORROR!!! And when she rejects you…. That’s going to make it an ackward class. TILL THE END OF THE YEAR!!!


So, that’s why I say direct game can be a crutch, because when guys realize it works SO freaking well – they start using it ALL the time. Even when it would make a lot more sense just to say “hey, what’s up!” or “You seem fun, what’s your name?” or “Hey I don’t think we’ve met, let’s fix that”


I mean what’s wrong with that? As long as you’re not pretending to NOT be interested, you don’t have to be all forward in the first few seconds. Just be a normal guy and let thinks take their course.  When there’s an opportunity to escalate things, do it. An opportunity always presents itself, if you two have got a sexual vibe.


So, if you’ve ever asked yourself “Do I always have to be direct IMMEDIATELY the answer is no. Just be human.


Then just man up, make the move, and let the chips fall where they may.


Hope that helps!


p.s I’m back in North America, and I’ll be teaching my Daygame fundamentals LIVE in Montreal and Toronto. More info here:

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