The Universe Is Conspiring To Help You


Do you ever feel that everything sucks?


Women don’t appreciate you?


Life is hard?


The Universe must HATE You!!!!


Well, I’m here to tell you that quite the opposite is true.


In fact, recently I had a moment of clarity where I had quite the realization about what “bad stuff” hapenning to us really is.

  • It’s not that you are “unlucky”.
  • It’s not that you are un-loved.
  • It’s not that life is a pain in the ass.

There is something much more profound going on.


After a certain amount of years being on the planet (and experiencing my fair share of “shit”) I’ve realized that everything that happens to us, happens for a reason.


Every “tragedy” is just a lesson in disguise.


More than once, I’ve seen people I know get into car “accidents.”


But being a little bit aware, I knew they were nothing but.


In fact, both of the people I’m thinking of were COMPLETELY unconscious in their lives. Just “go go go” all the time. Chasing the next bit of excitement. Talking fast. Thinking fast. Making rash decisions…. with ZERO awareness of the present moment. And TOTALLY CLOSED OFF to any external thoughts or points of view.


It didn’t matter what you told these guys about “slowing down” or “paying attention” or “being more present” …. Nothing gets through.


They couldn’t hear it. In fact, someone in that state simply can’t hear anything other than their own constant mental chatter.


I know, because I was one of these guys (and I’m JUST slowing down a bit now, at 37 years old!!)


So what do you think happens when you go through life in your own little world, unable to separate yourself from your own ego-ic mind long enough to just maybe – maybe – take in another point of view other than your own?


Yep! The universe puts a smack down on your ass, so that you HAVE to listen up.


And if you think about this just for a moment, I’m sure you’ll see plenty of examples of this in your own life, and in the lives of those around you.


It’s not dis-similar to having “co-incidences” or “synchronicities” happen.

Mystical, inexplicable things happen all the time. Things that many people can feel, but few talk about….. because we are ALL trained to use ONLY our minds – Not our hearts.


We are 100% separated from our higher selves, from our spiritual connection – from what we truly are.


And we are trapped in the matrix…. Believing the BS that we are fed.


But – you can choose to stop.


When “bad things” happen to you, there’s 2 ways you can deal with these experiences.


1. You can blame bad luck, other people…. blame god… or just get angry and keep it inside till it turns into some horrific degenerative disease. (Yep, that’s how it works!)




2. You can realise that you needed a smack down so that you would PAY ATTENTION and actually LISTEN to the feedback.


Then u can learn the lessons, and move on – never to repeat the cycle.


So – are you going to start paying attention?

Are you going to REALIZE that, the universe is ALWAYS conspiring to help you?


Or are you going to keep moving unconsciously? Trapped in the mind like everyone else – hoping one day things will change?


Most people end up being victims – and staying in the SAME NEGATIVE PATTERN for YEARS.
Having this ONE SHIFT of thinking…. can alter your life dramatically and permanently.
And this is exactly what is happening to me right now.
In fact, I made a video about it – check it out …. and make sure to do the little mission at the end ;)
See you in 2017 !


Enjoy, and see you next year! :)

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