Unhappy? Stop Sabotaging Yourself!

Still Not Living The Life You Want?


Join the club.


In fact, it seems the more and more guys I speak to, what I hear the most is that they simply aren’t living the livest they’d imagined.


They don’t have the careers they want.


They don’t have the peace of mind they need.


They don’t have the personal relationships they would thrive on.


So what’s going on?


Who’s fault is it?


How about the educational system?


Is it your parents fault?


Maybe you’re just unlucky?


Maybe it’s all the corrupt politicians?


Or the Corporations are to blame?


Or God must just hate your guts….right?


Nah. It’s YOUR fault.


YOU are given all the information you’ve ever been needed to do everything you want to do….


You just don’t listen.


WTF am I talking about?


Watch this juicy rant from last month’s Direct Dating Academy Webinar….. and you’ll know.


And just *maybe* you’ll stop blaming everyone but yourself…..





Oh I made Universe meme and put it up on my Facebook page. Aint’ it pretty?

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  • peter says:

    hi saha,

    You fucking rock dude. I mean really. I will continue to inform the next generation of males in the name of you. You are my Guru in the art of seducing woman. This weekend i walked up to this hot girl at the club, i didn’t give a shit what people or she thought of me if it went bad i couldnt care less. i kept it confident and straight to the point looked her in the eye said hi how are you. she responded with i am fine and i could see she had her club defenses up like full throttle gun and all! i immediately hit her with ” i think you absolutely gorgeous my name is” fuck sake from there it was as if a wrecking ball instantly smashed through a military bullet proof glass. she smiled and you could see she immediately relaxed. We began talking and well you know what happened as the evening progressed. I would love to buy your book and contribute to your cause but i am currently broke but working on it. i will purchase your book once enough cash i have saved up. Thank You man!!

  • Anway says:

    lovely message, sensei! :D

  • George V. says:

    this is prior to watching the video.
    i’m not approaching, because my ego is holding me back. i know some of your actions that deal with crushing the ego but i haven’t started them. my life has not been without improvements (body language, posture, self-talk, conversations with colleagues) but i’m not done yet. this is my plateau atm, giving myself permission to approach.

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