Two men Talk about… Being Men. (The Man Podcast!)

What Makes a Man… a Man?


Well, that’s what me and Super Special Guest Hypnotica discuss on this week’s podcast.


The first thing you notice about Hypnotica is… that he’s a BEAST!


That’s my was of saying:

He’s got a very masculine presence.


The True Nature of Masculinity


The next thing you notice is… He’s just really easy-going, good dude.


He doesn’t try to be an awesome dude. He just is.


His very existence is a testament to the following:


Once you really build yourself up and have your shit together – there’s absolutely nothing to prove to anybody.


Just being in the room with someone who’s worked on themselves over years and years – is a pleasure.


There’s many lessons to be learned from this podcast – but I myself have been reminded of one of the most important lessons of all:


Don’t try and be anything.


Just IMPROVE yourself constantly…. and be.

So! Making this podcast was real fun…. (But not as much fun as the stories he told me about bouncing @ strip clubs!)


Here’s some stuff we cover:

  • How you *Must* go on your own Man Trial to develop into who your best self.
  • Why Some of the most beautiful women are the ugliest on the inside.
  • How to create the life you desire by going for what you want all the time
  • Why it’s important to fall in love with the things you love about life and pursue them…. and how that’s what makes you so desirable with women.
  • How consistency is not optional when it comes to becoming a powerful man

+Tons more.


Not one to be missed!


If you love this podcast, you would love what’s going on in the Direct Dating Academy.


Till next time ;)



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  • Simon says:

    Hey guys this is totally how I feel Im so sick of seeing these pussy guys everywhere getting pushed about by women its so frustrating and I can relate to most of everything you guys talked about except the concept of women not wearing makeup I like the effort they make to look beautiful it shows me she wants to take care of herself, but the media omg they hate guys its now my mind set too never be pushed by women and Im going to be sticking by, oh theres some good tips at

  • Derek says:

    Sasha, i have no idea if you actually read these things but i could really use your help if you do. Im 17 years old still in high school ive learned so much from you and youve honestly changed my life… But I know im order for me to be getting the most out of all the information that ive learned from you watching porn can sometimes (pun intended) only fuck yourself. The problem is my hormones are crazy and I just cant quit watching porn. I only maturbate like once or twice a week but I want to become that sexual man ive always watned to be and by the end of the week i just get horny asf! My testosterone is crazy at my age but I hate having a low sex drive and low sexual energy. if there is ANYTHING you can do to help me with this obstacle ive come across It would mean ALOT. its my senior year I want to make sure this isnt all in my head and im giving out the maximum amount of sexual energy to the girls in school.

  • Sasha Fanboy says:

    To be honest I think a lot of beautiful women are also the most beautiful on the inside too. The nastiest women I have ever met all looked really bad!

    Anyway cool podcast Sasha :)

  • Ray says:

    An incredible podcast. Most inspiring!

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