Two men Talk about… Being Men. (The Man Podcast!)

What Makes a Man… a Man?


Well, that’s what me and Super Special Guest Hypnotica discuss on this week’s podcast.


The first thing you notice about Hypnotica is… that he’s a BEAST!


That’s my was of saying:

He’s got a very masculine presence.


The True Nature of Masculinity


The next thing you notice is… He’s just really easy-going, good dude.


He doesn’t try to be an awesome dude. He just is.


His very existence is a testament to the following:


Once you really build yourself up and have your shit together – there’s absolutely nothing to prove to anybody.


Just being in the room with someone who’s worked on themselves over years and years – is a pleasure.


There’s many lessons to be learned from this podcast – but I myself have been reminded of one of the most important lessons of all:


Don’t try and be anything.


Just IMPROVE yourself constantly…. and be.

So! Making this podcast was real fun…. (But not as much fun as the stories he told me about bouncing @ strip clubs!)


Here’s some stuff we cover:

  • How you *Must* go on your own Man Trial to develop into who your best self.
  • Why Some of the most beautiful women are the ugliest on the inside.
  • How to create the life you desire by going for what you want all the time
  • Why it’s important to fall in love with the things you love about life and pursue them…. and how that’s what makes you so desirable with women.
  • How consistency is not optional when it comes to becoming a powerful man

+Tons more.


Not one to be missed!


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Till next time ;)



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