2:1 Student-Instructor Ratio

Here, the focus is on you! You’ll receive immediate feedback tailored to your needs.

Real Results

But don’t take our word for it! We offer a 100% money back guarantee for every event.

3 Month Follow Up

To strengthen your growth and keep your new experiences in the flow.

During the bootcamp

After providing enough theory to get you excited and motivated we’ll hit the streets together right in the first afternoon and teach you in real live situations how to make it a natural habit to effortlessly approach the women you want.

We will challenge you with fun missions to make you feel liberated to do what you want without feelings of guilt or anxiety  and genuinely express your desires without filtering what you say!

We will guide you to the point where you start accepting who you really are, unlocking that powerful masculinity that all women are attracted to. This will result in a more balanced dating life and an abundance of choice when it comes to beautiful women.


In our bootcamp you’ll learn:

  • How to stop caring if a girl rejects you.
  • How you present yourself.
  • How to stop caring if other people see.
  • How to get to know her deeply.
  • How to go for the number/date.
  • How to maintain attraction without being needy once you’re dating.
  • How to keep a conversation naturally flowing.
  • And lot more…

On day 2, we mic you up and listen in on your conversations - giving you tailored feedback as well as a roadmap so you know how to continue and move the interaction further. We will establish a solid foundation to make you confident that you can take control of your sexual life, no matter what your goal may be:

  • To get into relationships with girls who enrich you emotionally, and in many other ways…
  • Have fun while figuring out what you like.
  • Create deep connection with the girls you like, in order to bring them great sexual experience.
  • Date multiple girls openly and honestly.

Our bootcamp is a fundamental challenge to force you out of your comfort zone in a supportive and motivating way, in order to build a stronger mindset by leveraging your full potential.

Most methods and coaches out there will tell you that you need to change who you are, how you talk, what you wear and a million other things so that you become someone else. Someone ‘better’ who’s attractive to women. We teach a structure you can use to effectively communicate who you really are in the best possible way. We don’t teach routines and manipulative methods. You don’t become someone else. You become your best self.

After the bootcamp

In reality most of our clients start getting results so fast that they never really use these options. However, after the bootcamp we still provide:

Life-time access to our closed student-only forum for friendly motivation to keep the momentum going and to connect you with other awesome people who share the same values and interests as you.

3 month email support to ensure that you continue to grow with honesty, never compromising on your values and beliefs. Opening yourself up to new experiences outside your comfort zone will kickstart your confidence and help you to be naturally resourceful when it comes to seduction.

Full access to the Direct Dating Academy during this follow up period. You’ll enjoy life-altering seminars on different topics from the world’s top direct dating coaches week by week on how to improve your social circle, remain effortlessly in state and much, much more.

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