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A guy recently wrote to me, saying that he feels that by approaching women he might disturb them.


What if they think he’s RUDE???


My reply:

“An imposition??? Insulting?? Shit, NOT approaching a beautiful woman on the street is INSULTING to her. She spends all this time getting dressed, doing her make-up, eating right, going to the gym… and now you’re just going to walk by and not even let her know she looks good?

What – is she not beautiful? Is there something wrong with her? Do you have some kind of emotional problem?? Or – maybe you are gay? Obviously SOMEthing is wrong if you’re holding back on something as basic as telling a beautiful woman that you find her attractive.

I believe I offend every beautiful woman I don’t approach. NOT telling women they look good is rude, insensitive, and downright offensive. In fact – I don’t want people in my life who would behave in this type of manner! Not only that – every time you don’t do it – women think “geez, all men must be pussies!” …. you’re actually putting her into a mindset that makes it MORE difficult for ALL of us to approach her in the future. She thinks all men are pussies! (Well, most of them are) :P

I really believe I insult every sexy woman I don’t compliment. Every one! That’s not very very pleasant… walking around being rude to women, is it?? Especially ones that go around looking so good and providing us with wonderful eye candy.

What kind of an asshole would want to treat women that make life so much more pleasant for us in such a rude way?

FUCK THAT GUY – he’s no friend of mine! :p

Women deserve more respect than that! So I make a point of not being one of those assholes, who just ignores beautiful women and let’s them walk around all sad and frumpy.

So – Moral of the story:

Don’t be THAT kind of asshole.

Make a woman’s day today – check her out, and give her a genuine compliment.

DO IT – or you’re an ASS-HOLE.

Or as Charlie Sheen would say……..




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