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The ULTIMATE Final Text Message…

So I had an interesting final text message thread with a girl that ended up with her in my bed.

Here’s what happened:

I got her number, shot her a couple of texts…..

She was being a pain in the ass.

“Non compliant” some might say.

After a couple of messages like this I realised I didn’t want to waste any more time on her…

I was done!

So, instead of just erasing her number or not texting her again, I though I’d send her one “Good-bye” text. But not a “Hey, have a nice life douchebag” type of text.

But that wouldn’t accomplish anything, would it?

I figured hey, if I’m never going to see her again, why not let her know what she’s missing?

Want to know what it said? EH?

Here’s the thread:

And yes – the night went well! ;)

Now wait a minute – WAIT A MINUTE.

Don’t think you can just send “No dick for you!” to any girl that doesn’t immediately jump in your bed.


There’s a bunch of reasons This worked.

      A) I’d setup a sexual vibe when I met the girl


      B) I knew this girl was horny.


      C) I had a lot of other girls texting me (non-needy)


      D) The cockyness of the text goes with my natural style


    E) I fuck good (I believe what I’m saying) ;)

Everything is based on individual situations, but here’s a general rule of thumb:

When following up with text’s be playful, be persistent… a point.

If a girl’s just not playing ball, and it’s truly time to forget about her and move on….

Why not go out with a bang? (Or get banged?) ;)

Why not at least make it super clear she’s missing out on a good time?

That’s why this text is so good.

It’s playful, non-needy, brutally honest, cocky, slightly-rude……and lets her know SHE COULD HAVE GOT LAID. (Not just laid…. she’s MISSING OUT ON GOOD DICK!”

I’m sure it’s not always going to work…. if fact it usually won’t. But if you are 100% ready to dismiss a girl – give it a try.

BUT: If the girl is feeling horny, you just might hear from her.

The bottom line is this: Don’t just quit on a girl – send her a message with some finality. It’s good to put a number to rest…. but it’s good to get them to reply – just when you’ve stopped giving a shit!

Here’s another good final text: “Next time you complain to a friend you never meet any amazing guys – remember that you met one and you fucked it up!” (Credit-Marcus)

Can you come up with your own? (If you get a good one, leave a comment below – I wanna know!)

This all comes down to your mindset.

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