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The Question Game

Everyone is asking me to post the question game so here it is:

Now I believe the one I’m doing is very near the original version that was taught to me by Cajun in like 2006 right after I met him. He’s changed it up since and made it more complicated, but what I’ve been doing as gotten me laid like…..uhhhh….dozens of times? Seriously it’s incredible and the only thing I do on EVERY date. (That and the lying game – which is mooooooooney too… usually do that as a warmup!)

Ok. So, I just question the girl if she wants to play an awesome game that will help us get to know each other. They never say no (if they do they are laaaaame!)

Basic concept: We take turns asking each other questions. You have to tell the truth. If you refuse to answer a question, you loose.

Here are the rules:

  1. No repeat questions. Ever. Once I’ve questioned something, you can’t question me that same question back.
  2. You get one Sub Question per question. I.E If I say “What’s your favorite Food” and you say “chinese” I can say “what dish”
  3. You must tell the truth.
  4. I go first.

That’s it. I’ll generally play women for something. Looser buys cake – or better: I’ll play ‘em for massage. (You see where I’m going with this?) icon wink The Question Game

I’ll question normal questions first – just get to know her.

If she won 1million bucks and had to blow it in a year, what would she do?

Craziest day of her life

Favorite (whatever)

Couple of AWESOME questions:

“What 5 qualities do you Like the most about people”

“What 5 things do you Despise the most about people”

Simple to bond with them over this kind of stuff.

Eventaully I’ll get sexual.

“How many guys have you been with?” – if they question “been with dated or been with sex” I’ll either say “What do you reckon I mean” or “sex”… Make sure women are warmed up and open or they’ll just refuse to answer it and game’s over. hhahaah. That’s not brilliant. But, if she had huge problems with it, I’ll say “ok whatever, boyfriends then” .. don’t push it if she’s not ready.

So from there I’ll get more and more into that stuff. Favorite position, best sexual experiences, what she likes done to her in bed, likes to do in bed, most humiliating sexual moment… another fantastic one

“When’s the last time you had an orgasm (Sub – Who were you with?)”

Girls will say they haven’t had sex in 2 months… sometimes at that point I just go direct “You want to come to my house and fuck?” hehe

But generally I just go on normally – it gets hotter and hotter – I’ll question “Are you a brilliant kisser, scale of 1 to 10″ …. and if they say “I dunno” I’ll say “let’s find out” and go for kiss. Even if they say – I’ll answer “really? u should be better / you’re not THAT terrible I’m sure” and I’ll go for the kiss ….

Generally after making out I’ll just question if they want to go have sex and that’s it. If you showed them a brilliant date and they’ve had a brilliant time, they usually go for it. If not keep playing, or chat about why they’re not up for it.

I try and get my “open relationship/non judgemental frame” out there before the question game so they know I won’t reckon they’re a ho if they sleep with me.

The vital thing is – that you pay attention to how into the game the girl is. If she’s asking you all kinds of sex shit, she’s into you (or she’s a flirty cock tease) … but generally if they are asking you sexy questions, they’re into it. If they keep deviating into “normal” stuff – that’s not a brilliant sign or just means they’re not ready to share that part of themselves yet. It’s ok – just have fun and get to know them and bring it back to the dirty stuff later on.

Remember: Everything is a game to me. I’ll make fun of her for asking me lame ass questions and call her a prude ETC. If she won’t let me kiss her i’ll make fun of her again… question her if she has aids on her lips or what… it’s FUN! I don’t give a fuck, but I’m always trying to get laid. Don’t forget why you’re there! HAVE FUN – but remember, if they are there with you – they want to get laid too. JUST LEAD LEAD LEAD them into sexy questions… and escalate on those points as I’ve described.

If they’re not interested, cut the date and go meet some other girls – don’t waste time on time wasters!

Ok, Hope that helps for all you guys that were emailing me asking about the question game!!

If it’s not clear, post questions and I’ll get to ‘em when I can.




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