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Sept 05th

Day 2 of bootcamp was today. One student picked up a girl who I could only describe as “fucking smoking hot” on the underground. Just when he was feeling shitty as well, I was like “There’s one” and he did awesome…. And he was doing carwheels afterwords. Then I said “Look, understand you’ll probably never see her again” … followed by “understand it makes no difference, because you’ll meet another girl just as hot as her in an hour, and then tomorrow, and the day after that….”

And he was like “ahhhhhhhh”

He got it, he got the point. That was awesome.  That’s what this all boils down to. If you just approach one girl per day for the rest for your life, you’ll never be alone. It’s impossible… unless you have some heavy issues. But for the majority of guys – this will remain a truth.

Ah, I had this thought earlier today… that ever pickup’s success has two halves. One half is under your control, and the other half has nothing to do with you – and has all the other factors in it. E.G

Your half:


having a good energy

believing in what you said

body language

blah blah blah

everything that’s in your power.

The other half is everything that’s not in your power. the type of person she is, her mood, what happened to her that week, the way her ex boyfriends treated her. Everything that has nothing to do with you. That shit you can’t control.

So, after every interaction one should analyze which half was responsible for the interaction going the way it did. So if it went nowhere – was it you? Were you staring at her tits?? Did you make her feel ackward or say something stupid? Or, was she just not having any of it? It’s important to know… because if it was you – you need to work on it. And if it wasn’t you – you shouldn’t blame yourself for it going tits up. It had nothing to do with you – move on.

By the same token, if it went awesome it’s just as important to have a look at why that is. What did you do that was right? Think about it… better yet, write it down! (If it was shit, write it down too!)

There you go. A simple pie chart that will lead you to ultimate success. Yaaay! I rock.

Yea yeah. This is probably an over simplified version of a learning/growth analysation system that’s already out there. But whatever…  makes sense to me.


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