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The power of non needyness and social proof

(Dec 29th)

Met up today with a girl I picked up like 1.5 years ago.  She was this super cute Asian I met in Hoxton.  Skinny and hot as fuck. A 9 to me.  Anyways, I went on a date with her back then but I was just … overwhelmed by how hot she was. I made chit chat and it went ok – but honestly I wasn’t comfortable around her so I didn’t escalate or make a move or anything…. And that was that. However, I started chatting with her on facebook recently just winding her up and stuff.  After some of that I called her around 10 days ago and we had a good talk for around 20 minutes. I took the piss out of her TONS and did my funny British accent etc. I ended the call and we said we’d meet up the next day, but she  flaked as she had to work. I was cool about the whole thing and left it… then gave her a call 2 days ago for a quick chat. Again it was fun and she suggested I come out to one of her friend’s birthdays today. I went to another party in Sussex first with my homeboy Keychain – and then went to meet this girl up.

So I let to the bar in old st and she spots me and gives me a warm welcome. Big hug and she introduces me to everyone. I say hi to them and smile etc. Oh, she tries to get me to buy her a drink like RIGHT away. I’m like “are you gonna give me a blowjob? After that, sure I’ll buy you a drink!” So, I chat to her for a little bit. At one point I stole the chair and she kinda walked up to sit, but there was only the side bit of the chair to sit on. I started to say “you can sit on my lap, but it will cost you a tenner” but she was kinda drunk and interrupted me at “you can sit on my lap” saying “I don’t want to!” so she didn’t hear the tenner part. Suddenly my cocky line became a needy line. I felt the energy drop – and her attention wane. She didn’t even want to hear the story I’d just started telling her – so I immediately engaged her friend in conversation.

So, from now on I will deliver stuff like that with the cheeky part at the start. At least when it comes to drunk girls. So … I’d say “for a tenner, you can sit on my lap!” … this is much safer.

Anyways,  I proceeded to chill and get to know her friends. They were actually pretty cool so it wasn’t hard. All cartoonists/artists. One guy had his own cartoon and had been busting his ass for 3 years… he showed me his stuff and it was great. So, I told him he was awesome and just gave him some business tips (told him to read 4 hour work week and stuff) etc …. And spoke to the other 2 guys. There was the birthday girl (who was twatted!) and the GF of the artist… just never really got a chance to talk to them as I was enjoying my chat with the guys. Anyways…. She was talking to this other artsy guy (he was there as the love interest of the birthday girl … so it was all good) and I just went on chatting with her friends. Occasionally I’d do some crazy/fun shit like grab her and lick her face, or bite her face. Or just slap her. Whatever I felt like. Then I’d go back to talking to her friends. It worked like a charm. I don’t really do gamey shit but sometimes the push/pull stuff really, really works.  It was a combination of that and just not really giving a fuck and chilling out. I know she’s into me, so I just let her come to me.

As long as you know she’s into you – even a little – you can just relax and let her come to you. Have fun with her friends, people at the bar – just relax. It’s ok if she’s talking to her friends and other guys and whatever. It’s all good.  Just chilllllllllllllll. I know it can be hard. If there was some guy there was doing a little too well or whatever, I’d have run up to her, lifted her up into the air and carried her off and then maybe escalated to blow the guy out. Sure…. But it’s not necessary most of the time. That’s all I’m saying.

Anywho:  At the end we all go as some people want food.   Then she tries to get me to buy her a pizza. I’m like “uhhh, are you good in bed? If you are, I’ll buy cook for you!” … she said “But me a pizza and I’ll fuck you, I’m cheap!” …. (not classy!)

It was obvious she wanting to fuck. She was just giving it away. Sentences like

“I’m going to pick just 2 lovers for 2010. Maybe you’ll be one of them…”
To  the guy she was chatting with (about me) he’s quite good looking, isn’t he?”
Just other stuff like that
“My friends all love you! They’re all like “your friend is awesome! And I was saying “I don’t even know this guy!”

Oh – also right after our chat from 2 days ago she kept texting she’s poor and hungry and I said “come over for dinner” and she said “you’re just going to try and fuck me if I come over” … dead give away. I replied “You’d be so lucky – I’m a tantric master!”

There’s tiny little moments when you can fuck yourself – and part of game is just avoiding those moments. Like one of her guy friends, as I’m walking arm in arm with her says “she’s mine!” and grabs her away. Now, there’s nothing I can do here… if I react or get needy or whatever I’m a douche. He’s known her for ages. So again – I totally just smile and don’t react. I said something along the lines of “you can have her, she’s nuts!” … and within 10 seconds she was arm in arm with me again.  But – you can easily blow yourself out if you get needy in a spot like this.  Which, a couple years ago I would have.

Anyways: The key her is that I won her friends over. I just have total social proof. That’s it. I was just chilled – didn’t fight for her attention. Just had fun little interactions and was cool with everyone and that’s it. It’s a done deal I think.

And this is really one of the hottest girls I’ve met while in the game. Well… if you like oriental girls you’d shit yourself.  Just so my type hot and skinny as fuck! I just wanna lick her all over.

I’m quite certain I could get her round tomorrow but I have 2 other dates already.  If I don’t hookup with one of them, I’ll still try get her over.

The point is this: Be normal, be social – let her come to you. All you have to do is – not fuck it up!


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