The importance of creating your own reality (And loving black people)

I know. Great title, right?

This blog post has come up from just me being me. But i thought it could be a great lesson. Here’s why;

A lot of people say to me “Sasha, you’re really crazy fun. How’d you get that? Are you born with that? How do I get some of that “Sasha magic?”

The answer is, partially here.

So this last week I was out and about having a great time in New York city. That involved chasing girls, eating out, doing yoga, teaching programs, and all sorts. Lots of farting around too doing not very much too.

So I’m hanging around one day and there’s a black guy on the side of the street selling some jewellery he’d made as well as some hats.

I noticed he was selling a hat that said “Black panther party” on it.

I knew i had to have that hat.


Background on me: As a stand-up comic, I was one of the few white comics that would regularly play the black circuit. They loved me. And I loved them. Basically I love performing in front of black people – they get my sense of humour. They know I love them.

Secondly: A white guy wearing a black panther hat is a weird. It’s unexpected. It’s a contradiction.

You with me?

So I got the hat. It was fun for me to walk around in it. But, people weren’t really noticing the hat. I wasn’t quite satisfying some deep desire for mischief. So, I started walking up to black women going “What’s up ladies! oh yeah what’s going on! Hey, I looooove black people. have you seen my hat? How many white guys have a black panther hat. C’mere girl, let’s get some pics!”

And then I just started getting photo’s of me with all these big black women in my hat. Awesome sauce.

Anyways, for a couple of days there, I was having a blast with this, flirting with black girls of every shape size and colour. (oh wait, no, just the one colour) lol

So what’s the point here? To be awesome, you have to go around flirting with black people wearing a crazy hat?


The point is: What’s fun for YOU? What makes YOU laugh? What’s outrageous for You? And if you’re not into doing crazy/silly stuff – maybe find one slightly weird/fun/strange you can get into and go do it. Push your boundaries, don’t just sit around doing your usual routine.

Once I’m running around laughing my ass off doing this – do you think it’s hard approaching some smoking hot girl I want to talk to?

I think you know the answer to that ;)

By pushing social norms, your comfort zone, creating your own reality and having FUN – this is a cheat code to make friends, meet people and… yes… secretly “get into state” without anyone even realising what you’re up to!

Hope that’s useful, and leave your comments you bums! :)

I might even make a video about this… it’s important stuff.



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