SDP014.5: The F**king Crazy Spiritual Podcast

Life Before Birth. Contact with Aliens. Fighting Demons.


Yes – these are all things I’ve been up to.


Fun, right?


In all honestly most people aren’t ready for this podcast. And that’s ok.


But if you are – you’re probably going to enjoy it.


Here ya go:


P.S Looking forward to seeing some of you @ My Live Event In Sasha Daygame in San Diego! ;)





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  • Darin says:

    My impression is both guys are little all around the place, mixing all kinds of different teachings. But, what ,counts are the experiences, life and real.
    My way of doing thins is rather not mixing spiritual traditions. Taking one thing and getting to the bottom of it. No wonder Sasha mentioned its hard for him to meditate. Try again men. Realizing one to the end means realizing everything.
    Thanks for enlightening us men!

  • Darin says:

    Both guys are Bodhisattvas that came to this world to benefit beings!

  • Darin says:

    Impressive ! Great for Sasha and Marcus! Wish you enrich even more people !

  • Seb says:

    Wow, this is really some quite intense stuff, very interesting Sasha & Luke!
    One idea I had: It would be awesome to have some links, or references, below the video where we can check out some of the books you mentioned or whatever. After watching the video, I remember you talked about some books but I didn’t take notes what the titles were, and I also can’t remember when exactly you mentioned them and I’m not sure if I want to listen to all of the podcast again just to find out which books I should read, you know what I mean!
    … also you said reincarnation is proven beyond a doubt, not meaning to be a dick but do you have any links to back this up? Coz that would be TOTALLY AWESOME!! ;)
    Cheers Seb

  • Ivan says:

    Wow, rarely you can hear people speak ’bout spiritual things sooo openly, especially if they’re not yogis or zen monks, i feel like this word spirit/energy is banned in modern western world dominated by this prefrontal, analitical monster that we all have. thanks for sharing this. I’d like to share few books that i’ve been reading recently, it’s a very deep spiritual stuff, the author is legit, proud to say that he is my fellow countryman. Peace

  • vincent says:

    So fucking intense! You definitly got a lot of people empowered because I surely was, so much energy went trough my body while listening it was intense. Thanks a lot for this helped a lot!

  • Greg says:

    Sasha – In the podcast you mentioned your spirtual website. You also mentioned a podcast you did with Marcus where you talked about psychic self defense. Could you post links to those two items? Thanks. Love this stuff!

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