The Difference Between General Advice and Specific Interactions in Dating

IN GENERAL, most pickup coaches want their students to go out and have a lot of sex.


This is a pretty fair statement to make right? After all, it is our job to help our students get laid… right?


And to be sure, a lot of the guys in this industry judge themselves by that very metric.




When it comes to Sasha and Team Infinite Man SPECIFICALLY… we DO NOT!


That’s right, we don’t give a shit how much sex you end up having.


That’s because our PERSONAL philosophy is different.


If you’ve been paying attention then you know we don’t focus on VANITY METRICS like lay counts because we know in the end that’s not really what makes people happy.


Instead we focus on delivering to you a system for facing your fears so you can achieve ACTUAL PERSONAL GROWTH which is really the ONE TRUE WAY of becoming MORE ATTRACTIVE than just your looks.


And we know if you DO THAT then you’ll have ALL THE SEX YOU WANT!!!




If you were judging us against general guidelines you’d disregard us or perhaps not even subscribe to our emails at all!!!


Obviously that would be a mistake… so how do we avoid making a similar one when it comes to our interactions with everyday people?


If you want a recent example of GENERAL ADVICE GONE BAD you can check out this thread in our online community where someone asks if he should approach at the gym and nearly EVERYONE says NO! (Of course I disagree – go read my responses)


In today’s video I talk about the differences between GENERAL ADVICE and the SPECIFIC INTERACTION you have during an approach.


-What is the best use for general advice?


-When and why should general advice be ignored?


-Can we predict how things will go based on general advice?


And as always, WHY YOU SHOULD STILL APPROACH even when the odds might seem against you!


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