The Biggest Mistake About Being Direct With Women

Hey now!

A big mistake lots of guys make is, that they believe being direct with women means being overtly sexual.

People asking questions at Direct Dating Summit events seem to think Alan Roger Currie goes around yelling “I wanna fuck you!” or something along those lines to women all over the place.

In reality, He doesn’t do that at all.

He does say some filthy stuff….. but it’s all about the details.

I’ve JUST uploaded this clip of Alan’s talk from the Direct Dating Summit Berlin — and he reveals the secret of not only *how* he’s direct with women – but how to tell when she’s into it.

I find it so interesting that he explains how to invade a woman’s space and tell whether she’s into it or not. I don’t actually get right in their space on PURPOSE – that just happens naturally if we get along. But he gets RIGHT in there to see what’s up.

IT’s a freakin’ Awesome clip:


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  • Andrew Durham says:

    This was great. I think I’m making this mistake sometimes.

    Now I’m reading his _Ooooo… Say It Again_ (on his recommendation in the video). In his book, he goes into way more detail about his actual approach, including eye contact, voice, other body language tips and more. It puts his sexual talking into context.

    I really like how you acknowledge and include your elders and mentors in your work.

  • Abdul34 says:


  • Michael Loria says:

    Hahaha well said
    Now that we have an edge
    Lets take it ;

  • juan says:

    awesome clip! i have to put it into practice though.hope you are doing well sasha! you rock!

  • roguewave says:

    So true, YOU are your own worse cockblock. YOU have bought into societies paradigm of how things are and not the truth and thus have locked yourself into your own prison cell with woman to look at but not touch! Muhahahahahahaha how is that for a skull F**K!

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