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The Best Pickup I Never Did

So the other day I did the best pickup (or non-pickup!) ever.


You’re probably wondering what the hell I’m talking about.


I went to meet up with a particularly gorgeous girl I’d met quite briefly at an airport.


There was no “PUA” stuff at the airport – I casually cracked a joke and ended up talking to her for about 10 minutes. I was fun. She had fun. We swapped contact info.


6 weeks later, we’re in the same city.


I went to meet her and some of her friends, and for the next 90 minutes I just had fascinating conversation on various topics…. my tantric non-ejaculatory abilities being one.  Yeah, she knew I wanted her – but I didn’t make a big deal out of it.


I was 100% awesome – and 0% seductive. I mean I didn’t even TRY.


After having a BLAST, it was time to go.


We do a quick hug and I get in the cab, and take off back to the hotel


2 mins later my phone rings, and see the babe’s number on call display.


I pick up, and her friend is on the line. She says “Hey! She wants you to come to her place for a tantric experience. She’s shy!


Hmmmmmm… game over!


So what in the world would cause one of THE hottest women I’ve seen in a while want me bad enough to call me (after I’ve left) and try get me over to her place? Did I do some attraction? Was it my banter or my fancy clothes? My huge muscles? My tight ‘game’ or best pickup lines straight from my routine manual?


Nah. I was just 100% me. And after working through all the JUNK beliefs I used to hold and getting comfortable just being me – I didn’t have to do anything.

I didn’t need anything from her… I was just happy doing my thing. THAT is the most attractive thing of all.


Look: everyone wants to get good with the ladies. The problem is what guys believe they need to get there.


  • If you think you need to buy something – you’re cold.
  • So if you’re still thinking you need “get” something – still cold
  • If you think you have to “learn” something – you’re getting warmer
  • Maybe that you have to LOSE something – even warmer


But if you are starting to realize that the way to true mastery is overcoming your negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and becoming the boldest, most authentic, awesome MAN you can be… then you’re spot on.


You with me?


When you TRULY get to a point of self-acceptance and LOVE who you are…there’s nothing left to do.


That should be your ultimate goal.


The rest, as they say – is a piece of cake.


…That’s a wrap!


Well I’m in Los Angeles, and I’m off to get me ass kicked be Eddie Bravo @ 10th planet Jiu Jitsu, (It’s my first time!) and then teaching bootcamp this weekend. Let’s hope the nice weather holds up! If you’re in L.A keep your eyes peeled – you will find us just behind the trail of smiling ladies ;)


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