Sasha Daygame in anti-vegas podcast

The Anti-Vegas Podcast – part one

So one of my friends is in this new movie that’s coming out – so I went and saw this upcoming movie “Bet Raise Fold” and then that just set us off to do the anti-Vegas podcast.

We talk about how American girls suck, we talk about poker too and all sorts….and how the states are going to poo-poo.

If you love America and think it’s the greatest country in the world – Don’t listen to this. You won’t like it.

On the other hand, if you realize that people are people and it’s just the gov’t we hate – you’ll likely enjoy the podcast :p

There’s no part 2, but I’m confident there will be – hence the name.

The anti-Vegas Podcast


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  • Mike says:

    Bit harsh to say ‘French’ Girls play games? Never been to Vegas but would love to go but completely understand where you are coming from

  • nicolas says:

    Dear friends,

    Great podcast I’m not surprised for Vegas if I know very nice american women here in Paris but I was never in USA so I do not know what to think about, NY, LA or Miami for exemple.

    Have you been to Paris ? Do you think our girls here are similar with girls from Vegas for exemple, anyway what did you think about french women if you met them ?

    And my last question, when you Sasha, will make a session here in France ?


    • Admin says:

      Hey man! French girls are very sexy but they play games…. :(
      I will try get to france, make sure you’re on my mailing list so you’ll know when I come there :)

  • BigMatt says:

    Nice, not a fan of Vegas, too false.

    I do like the accents some US girls have, (Canadian too, not leaving you out :) ).

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