Take Direction From Your Heart - Not Your Mind

Take Direction From Your Heart – Not Your Mind

Hey man,


So I’m sitting here with some of the guys, after finishing up another badass Miami bootcamp with the fantastic John Keegan.


It was a blast, as always. (In fact, my best teaching yet since my little awakening I’ve had the last couple of weeks) … more on that soon.


But a funny thing happened while we were loitering in the Zara, hiding from the cold.


There was a 2 year old kid screaming his little guts out, there with his mom.


I had a feeling to just walk over to him and start crying right next to him.


And I did it.


I really put on a good show – I really got into it!


And the kid looked at me like “Dude, WTF are you doing? That’s my schtick!”


… and he stopped his hollering.


We definitely had a moment.


Most people wouldn’t walk up to a 2 year old and start crying, just to see what happens.


They’d be too worried about the consequences. What if the mom freaked out? The other customers? The security guard? What if people thought I was weird?


But I did, and it was super fun. A really special moment.


As everyone stopped laughing I turned to the guys and I said:

“You see? I didn’t think about what you guys would have thought – or anyone else. I felt that I wanted to do that, and I did it. That’s all there is to it. My actions came not from my head, but from my heart. All your great romances in life will happen because you followed your heart…”

And I realized that it really is that simple.


That funny feeling you get in your chest when you see a woman is telling you something.


Something much more primal, and more important than any of the garbage your polluted head could ever come up with.


And the vast majority of people ignore that feeling


…at their own peril.


I’ll tell you what though, after 2 days training with me, I know what this weekend’s students are going to do the next time they get that funny feeling….


They’re going to run their asses over there and say hello – at the very least.


What will you do the next you get “that funny feeling”?


Mmm hmm…thought so.


Ok, that’s enough pondering…..


Back to hanging with the guys!


P.S John will surely be working with me on my NYC immersion this summer… and he’ll also be sharing his wisdom @ The Direct Dating Summit Acapulco. Come Join us… and let’s turn your desires into reality!




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