Swiss Post Bootcamp Transformation

Sasha recently sat down with his student to get some feedback of the course.

Here’s what happened:

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If you have fear of women in any way, Sasha Daygame and team can help cure it. We get students who want to be able to hold eye contact with women, to students who want to have multiple girlfriends openly and honestly.

Our most popular course is the 2 day bootcamp. This takes place in various cities over the world, usually on a weekend, and we will absolutely OBLITERATE your fears of approaching women – plus show you how to keep those fears from ever coming back.

We pride ourselves on teaching methods that work in the long run. No quick fix of showing you a single ‘line’ to use but a genuine system of how to be real, authentic and get lasting results.

If you’re looking for more women in your life or if you need help finding the one special girl, Sasha can help level you up to become your best self. Check out our live events now:


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