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Super hot girl Pickup!

Sept 12th


After a very awesome chat I had with my buddy Yad, I wanted to try something he mentioned to me. Yad is always changing his game up, and his current style of game is NOT having any sexual talk… and cutting the jokes. Now, people have been telling me to cut the jokes for years…. But the sexy flirting…shit. I do that allllll the time. Anyways… let’s keep this in mind.

So – I Just had an instant date with a woman I can only describe as one of the hottest I’ve seen in months. There’s not scale for this. Just, fucking, unreal. My heart actually skipped a beat and I was nervous. NERVous! Didn’t stop me though, I was in like lightening!

She was wearing this tiny little “club” top with no bra. You can see the sides of her perfect breasts just bouncing around. Furthermore, you can see her absolutely PERFECT body. Stomach… sides… flashing a bit. This was an outrageously sexy outfit. Like UN REAL!


She turns around

“Don’t panic, it’s not a robbery! …. I don’t have a weapon or anything!”

She giggles

At this point, the only thing I can think of is how ridiculously hot she is. I can’t actually think/talk about anything so I just go with the flow… I actually used one of the first EVER funny lines I ever came up with

“god damn you are hot. Do you dress up like that to drive guys fucking crazy or what? I bet you cause accidents. I can see a guy driving his car, looking at you, and then smashign into a wall. I bet that’s happened. You’re a killer. How does that make you feel?”

“I’m not a killer!”

“Yea whatever. You’re a killer. So….. what’s your story?”

And the I just went into comfort. COMFOOOOOrrrrrtttttttttt.

She’s a model/dancer/music video girl + she’s done a year of law school

Holy fuck. Busy girl! I bust on her for it

After a couple mins she’s like “ need to go to the pharmacy, come with?”

I say “Sure, I got some time to kill anyways”

She refused to tell me what she was looking for, so I was like “female condom huh? That’s very responsible of you!” and she’s like “what, I didn’t know those existed till just now!”

We leave there and I say “let’s go for a coffe!” .. there wasn’t a coffee shop so I just said we should grab some juice from the shop and sit in the park. Park was closed but we found a stone thingy to sit on.

We sat there and I just build comfort like a motherfucker.

Just yap yap yap yap yap

I did my standard research – guys hit on her all the time – but usually from afar! Hahahaha. Fucking idiots. And, even if they come up to her they say shit like “hey sexy” or other dumb shit. she said she just ignores them all. I asked her why she didn’t ignore me and she said “you were saying funny stuff!”

I could tell you folks a lot about this girl.

Where she grew up

Why her childhood was fucked up just like mine (her parents didn’t let her drink pop, or see movies… just like mine!)

That she loves singing/dancing/poetry

She’s dating an older guy she’s about to break up with cuz he’s too jealous/possessive

I told her she was cool, and how rare it was to find a girl who’s cool, hot, and smart. Said “You ever meet a hot guy, and then he opens his mouth and you think UGH! what an idiot!” and she nods….. I HATE THAT! So glad that didn’t happen with you!

I realized quick the Soporno stuff would be spot on ….. I tell her about my views. Her eyes fucking lit up.  LIT UP.  After that we chat a bit more.. then I say “So… you and me are going to be pals… AT LEAST!”

She smiles….

She asks if I have a number, puts it in her phone and then dials me. Whoa! That’s my move, lol.

Her BF is calling her, she doesn’t pick but says she should go as she has a video to shoot the next morning (she’s said that when we’d met also… re-enforcing the hottest girls, don’t go to clubs as they have to be UP in the morning)

Outside I lift her up and spin her around and tell her she weights nothing… I say “that’s awesome, cuz I could throw you up and spin you around and you’d land right on my…err”

She laughs. Ugh – still making jokes. Sigh.

Anywho….. I bid her farewell.

Will I see her again? I’m curious to find out myself.  It’s so weird not making flirty jokes. But I’m going to try it for a bit.

There’s a difference I realized between being direct and making flirty jokes. They are separate altogether. More on this later, after more experimentation.

There is so much new info in my head. I’m seeing really what my sticking points are, and I’m really looking forward to working on them in the coming months. I got too comfortable as I had a couple of girls around me… but it’s time to take my game to the next level


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