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Super Aggressive Physical game + Text Escalation

Okay just a quick update for everyone. It’s been a bit hectic around these parts. I’m doing the USA leg of my world tour … I flew from Miami to L.A to speak at the Global Pickup Conference. There were a couple of great talks, though unfortuantely a couple of speakers just came to pitch products.  They shall remain un-named. However,  John Keagan was excellent as usual. Hydro’s talk on online game was very good, and fucking hilarious.  At first when I met Hydro I though he was sketch, but he’s a boss.  Elizabeth’s talk was good.  But, I gotta give it up to Tyler Durden of RSD.  His talk was off the fucking hook.  Like wholy fucking shit. It was brutally honest and real. He admitted that most people in the audience were automatons and generally wouldn’t get anywhere, but did provide some great hints on how the fuck do get out of the BS most people are in.


Key points were:


If you eat unhealthy food, watch TV, or buy into the messages mainstream society are feeding you – you’re a retard.

I agree with him 100%. Tyler really is a boss. One of the best speeches I’ve ever seen in the flesh.  There are reports of him still amogging people though, which I find a bit strange. Ah well, once a PUA always a PUA I guess, eh? hehe.  I love the guy, even though he’s a bit of a dick.  (Remind you of anyone?) ;)


Anyways, he was also talking about some crazy ass shit he does do chicks in the club. Now, I often TALK crazy but i’m not physically THAT crazy. (Sure, lifting girls up and carrying them off is kind of “normal” for me) … but his talk mentioned like verbally abusing girls, and sticking his finger up their nose then in their mouth. I was like “i gotta try that shit”


So – We’re in this venue that will remain nameless last night.  I can’t get into the main part, but I don’t give a fuck because the bathroom is outside the club part. So I just loiter around and open girls after they piss.  This one chick has a sexy ass dress, and i’m like “Yo, I’ve been waiting for you. You look HOT… what’s up etc etc” …. she’s smiling but leaves back into the club with her friends.


Outside later, I see her again. I re-open.  Now, I don’t really remember the torrent of abuse that came out of my mouth, but it was some dirty shit.  I was straight up telling her i’m going to fuck her, blah blah being a dirty fucker.  At the peak, I stuck my finger in her nose and then put it in her mouth. She’s like “WTF” … then turns to her friend like “he just put his finger in my m nose and then in my mouth!” and her friend was like “why did you do that?” … I said “it turns me on”

Oh, I also pushed her up against the wall and bit her neck. She said “you’re fucking crazy!….. I like it”


Anyways I try drag her off but no, so I get her number.  I call her 2 mins later and i’m like “ditch your friends let’s get outta here” and he’s like “We’ll work something out”

Anyways, after that call we were texting, and I just kept up with my usual funny/direct vibe, but even more crazy. Here’s the texts



Should see her tonight, we’ll see


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