Sunday Sermon LIVE 2pm SUNDAY!

Hey man, are you ready for this?

We’re about to go LIVE this Sunday at 2pm EST for Sasha Daygame’s Sunday Sermon.

People have been very positive about these new weekly videos, and I think you’re going to love it even more LIVE! You can watch below, but don’t fret if it doesn’t appear before THIS SUNDAY at 2PM EST.

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And if you’re super fancy you can use Periscope to watch LIVE on your cell phone too!

Amen brothers

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  • craig says:

    Hey Sasha – quick question.. what way is best to let your parents or best friends know that you plan to continue along your path, even if they disagree? Such as changing career (results in less money but more passion), letting go of commonly accepted possessions (car, etc)?

    Thanks man!

  • J in Texas says:


    When I see a girl or a group of girls, sometimes I revert back to this type of thinking..

    I try reading her so I can gauge her response to me approaching her and the questions I’d like to ask, and I immediately go back into “freeze mode”. I don’t approach, and this whole game suddenly gets too complicated.

    When I don’t even think about her, other than she’s hot or she’s got something worthwhile, then that’s when I go up and say hi. Fearless. In fact, that just feels natural. In these cases, I don’t even know what the hell I’m going to say. And basically, as long as I maintain eye contact and pull a smile here and there, then I’ll keep the interaction going.

    So my question is, at any level, whether that is the beginner or the seasoned pro, should I ever worry about trying to gain an “edge” by trying to read her? Does it even matter if I don’t ever get good at this part of the game?


  • Sean says:

    Question for this Sunday

    Sasha –

    I frequently hear PU coaches using sensational advertising such as, “If you buy my new product, you’ll be able to seduce any girl you want!” Some coaches have even boasted success rates, such as Yad of fame stating he lays one out of every two girls he approaches. Another well known coach, Krauser pua, posts his stats online for all to see (the last two years I believe he stated: 4.5%, and 2.2% lay rates respectively).

    You have seen most well known coaches in action your self. You have also seen a lot of students starting from ground zero, commit, and transform their lives. All sensational advertising and bravado aside, what would you say is a realistic ballpark, or range most guys can reach: Top end….1:2? mid….1:100? Low end…..1:200?

    FYI: I’m currently 1:1000…no I’m not joking.

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