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Student LR – Sydney, OZ

Yoyo – Direct email from one of my Students In Sydney, AUS.

Thought I’d share – enjoy ;)


Approached her on Sunday 24th June where we did our bootcamp on Pitt street mall. When I first saw her, she was walking away from me so I didn’t see her face, just her sexy ass and I was like, holy shit!, no way in hell I’m not approaching her.

By the time I chased her down she was on an escalator so I get on it as well, waiting for it reach the bottom

’cause I didn’t want to open while standing behind her on an escalator.

We get off the escalator, I jog in front of her, turn around to get in her way, lock eyes and open:

Me: Excuse me, don’t panic, I’m not trying to sell you anything, but I just wanted to say that you look stunning!

Her : Oh wow, thanks!

Then I made some guesses about where she’s from and what she does. She’s from Assyria (like that 40 year old guy on Sydney bootcamp), and works in a retail store, studied fashion design.

She asked me some stuff about myself and by this time we had been talking for 5 minutes when she says:

“Hey, do you have a few minutes to sit down and chat?”

Basically she asked me out on an instant date! We sat and talked for a few minutes and you’re not going to believe this:

Remember on bootcamp how I approached that tall blonde with the guy? Well, I ran into that guy a couple of weeks ago running street game and we recognised each other, talked for a couple of minutes and became facebook friends. He recognised me as “the ballsy cunt”! Haha. Anyway, his name is Darren and he works at a mens retail store called (Edited).

Turns out she works at (Edited) too! So I told her that Darren and I are friends and she asked me how we know each other so I told her the story of how I approached the tall blonde and Darren and she was really impressed that I had the balls to do that.

Anyway, she has to get back to work, so I asked her if she would like to continue our chat then. She agrees and we part ways. I go to hang out with my buddy at a bar and had a lot of fun talking shit and stuff so by the time I met up with her I was totally in state, being a total smart ass.

As soon as I see her, I give her a hug and when we start walking I put my arm around her waist and she’s like wow you’re friendly! She was not that comfortable with being that physical so soon so I removed my hand and just carried on as if nothing happened.

The date went really well. We got coffee then walked around Circular Quay. She doesn’t have a lot of life experience so she didn’t have much to say. Which is great for me as I’m an attention whore and I like the sound of my own voice. I talked a lot, told stories, got her to invest in the conversation by asking her opinion on things. I put my arm around her waist again and before she could say anything I said with a smirk: Sorry, my hand slipped. She laughed and let me keep it there.

Date lasted 5 hours and we made plans to meet up the following Wednesday.

Meet up on Wednesday for a movie date. I know I know, movie dates aren’t such a great idea but I had talked so much on the first date that I didn’t want to spend hours doing it again. Plus I had a sneaky plan up my sleeve ;)

I got her to meet up with me in the city. I then told her that we’re catching the bus to my place so we can get my car and drive to the movies. When we get to my place, I tell her that I need to use the toilet and change and I just start walking towards my apartment. She says that she’ll wait outside but I said that it’s cold and it’ll take me a few minutes so she should just come up. She agreed. Basically, I wanted her to be comfortable with the idea of coming up to my apartment because that’s where I intended to get her after the movie.

So we head to the movies, and then I do my standard thing: I take her to Coogee beach for a walk. There’s a walkway that goes along the beach and leads to this lookout which has awesome views, very low lighting and no people. Perfect for making out. Which I did. I gave her a hug and then just went in for the kiss. I wasn’t going for tongue, but she started it so good times :)

While we’re making out she starts getting really into it, pushing her crotch into me. I escalated with my hand up her shirt and over her ass. I got no resistance which just meant: WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! She’s DTF, time to pull!

We walk back to my car, drive back to my place. I just keep talking so she doesn’t ask where we’re going and just follows me up the stairs to my apartment. I make out with her in my living room for a few seconds, grab her hand and walk her into my room and SHORYUKEN ;)

No LMR, no BS. Just a lot of fun!

Thanks for all you’ve taught me and for all your post bootcamp support!

Can’t wait to do a residential program with you next year!

-JJ (Sydney, OZ)


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