Still encountering “The Bitch Shield”?

‘The Bitch Shield’




It’s happened to all of us…..


And it’s STILL one of the things men fear THE MOST when it comes to meeting and attracting women.


God.. I have to admit – it DOES SUCK when a woman just blows you off.


But…. imagine for a MOMENT… you understood WHY women have those shields in the first place.


Seriously…..  I mean… they weren’t BORN assholes, right? SOMETHING must have HAPPENED to them, no?


What if you realized that ALL people have experiences that FORCE them to create external shields (or personalities) to help them deal with other people (and the world?)


That they do this (sub-consciously) to prevent themselves from being HURT?


That the woman that blows you off probably got knocked up by a guy who looked just like you, who never called her again even after she reached out to him.


You didn’t think about that, did ya?


The KEY to getting even the worst “bitches” to let their guard down is KNOWING YOURSELF well enough to connect with them on a REAL level.


And that means acknowledging, and dealing with your own pain/trauma/fear and other BS.


Do you know your own S**T?


Are you interested in finding out, and actually DEALING with it?


Do you think if you were to become aware of your own shields that you’d be able to spot (and lower) the shields of even the most beautiful (and bitchy) girls on the planet? And connect with them WAY more than any other guy could?


I know you could.


Diving deep into your own pain (and negative behaviors) isn’t easy…. but it CAN be done.


EVERYONE has those defence shields….. even me ;)


If you are really interested in self development BEYOND just the ability to get into a woman’s pants…. You should go and watch this video.


In it I reveal some of my own HORRIBLE NEEDY patterns (and how I’ve only recently TRULY understood where they’ve come from) … and I talk about how YOU can find (and deal with) your own s**t too.


Ready for it?


Check out The Sasha Show Season 2, EP1 right below…. and get ready for a wild ride.


Make sure to subscribe, because there is A LOT of genuine self development stuff coming up on the show.


See you in there…. ;)

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