Still chasing women? What don’t you get to know… Yourself?

You know, chasing women was a COMPLETE obsession for me…for like…. 20 years.


Ages 15-35 – it’s all I cared about.




And I’ll tell you something I’ve realized quite recently… in fact, probably just this year, at the ripe old age of 37 :P


I’d have gotten to know WAY more women… If I had just connected to MYSELF a bit better first.


Like, seriously.


I was just running around horny, hitting on women, with no other goal other than to HAVE SEX WITH WOMEN!!!


And you know…. it kind of worked.


But now that I have really started digging into self mastery…. focusing on finding out who I REALLY am.


I can tell you…. If I had done THIS 20 years ago…. pffffff… I never would have even bothered to learn how to pick up chicks.


I wouldn’t have had to.


Do you have ANY idea of what I’m talking about???


Do you feel you are REALLY living the best version (the most authentic version) of you that there is?


If NOT, you should check out Sasha Show S02E02….
I talk with an AMAZING guest who really gets into how we MUST…. MUST get to know OURSELVES (our true selves) before connecting with anyone else.


Sure, it sounds easy….. but it’s the hardest thing to do in the world.


Really…. I’m pushing 40, and only NOW do I feel like I’m starting to do the work.


Enjoy, and make sure to subscribe to the channel, lots more good stuff coming soon….


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  • Drew says:

    , To know myself I had to go through difficult situations and keep an “iron gate” of personal boundaries. Meditation, nature, the ocean, exercise, massage, and yoga also help me stay connected to self. I am forced to reject or disagree with much of what I see in the world in order to maintain my goals, ideals, my mission, my journey. I think it’s about being dynamic, quick and certain about yourself. The funny thing is, cold approach mostly taught me how to handle rejection but with the right combination of good habits rejection doesn’t even happen! But that does not render all those cold approaches useless. Those are valuable experiences. Take care.

  • Tim Tihey says:

    I think the mindfulness/presence stuff is great, it’s great for reducing the rate of thinking, anxiety and burning up past emotional ‘pain body’ as Tolle refers to it, and also just being all round a more relaxed peaceful person. Though I don’t think it in itself engough to rewrite the ‘programing’ of the old subconscious habits, becasuse they are strong and been around for a long time, at some point we start thinking again after we have left the mindfullness vispassana retreats. Also I don’t think ‘thinking’ is necessarily the enemy though it is problmatic given the neuro psyhe estimates are of 70,000 thoughts per day and 70% of those are negative based.

    So the the stufff i’ve been most interested in lately is that of Bruce Lipton’s ‘Bilogy of belief’ he really understands and explains very well how beliefs are formed in the first place and the effect they have on everything, though i’m still dubious about the Psych K stuff suggesting you can deprogram and progman your beliefs in a matter of minutes with that method. The other is Branden’s Six Pillars of Self Esteem, he actually gives you a lot exercises on rewriting the brain (and like beliefs it’s to a certain degreee it’s repetition based, like a good propaganda model for the self :) )and i have been pleasantly surprised on the affect thus far.

  • derek says:

    How do you find a guide/teachers that are not charlitions.

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