Social Freedom Is Good For Business

I’m sitting here, after arriving in Acapulco, Mexico – to prepare for the very first Direct Dating Summit in South America!


This view from this apartment is SICK!!! So great to finally get down here!!


I’ve just flown in from Miami….. and I was pondering an incident that happened just a couple of days ago.


I was with John Keegan (who’s also speaking at the direct dating summit,) chilling in some GANGLAND part of Miami called Wynwood. (Well, some parts of it becoming all fancy… but if you walk a little bit out of the fancy part – you’re liable to get stabbed!)


Anyways: We walk into this funky juice joint.


I’m chilling with Mr Keegan, and Isabelle… drinking my juice and enjoying the music.


….and sure enough…..


I felt the urge to dance!


And guess what: I grabbed my girl and we danced!



Nothing too crazy there.


But then, this random dude came over and introduced himself.


He said “Hi! I had to come meet you guys. It’s rare to meet people that are free enough to just dance around in a coffee shop because they feel like it!”


And I was like “Yeah dude, more people should dance around in coffee shops!”


He joined us…. And we hung out.


Not only was he a really great guy, he gave me some golden advice.


AND – after hanging out with me for around 20 mins… he was eager to be pals. (Well of course… who doesn’t want to be friends with Sasha Daygame!?)


Turns out the guy is a highly successful .dot com era entrepreneur who sold his business for an extremely large amount of money back in the early 2000’s.



This is a guy I never, ever would have met “normally”


… or should I say by “behaving normally.”


In fact – I meet awesome people all the time….. because I’m not afraid to do things other people wouldn’t feel “comfortable” doing because they aren’t “normal.”


Being socially free is just one of the ways I differentiate myself from the crowd. It’s one of the ways I attract amazing people – outliers – into my life.


Just by being me.


Isn’t it amazing that the vast majority of people will go out of there way to fit in, when it’s so much easier getting ahead by standing out?


Ponder that, just for a moment….


It’s a law of the universe. You attract what you are.


By becoming an outlier, by becoming different, by becoming a leader – you pull exactly those types of people into your life.


Never forget that. Know it to be so…. And bring that knowing into your every day life as you become your absolute best self.


If YOU are ready to meet some unbelievable outliers, build an exceptional life, – AND dominate your dating life…


Come and join some remarkable outliers in Acapulco, Mexico for two life changing events.


Feb 19-21 – The worlds first and biggest Anarcho-Capitalist event. (Use Promotional Code “Daygame” for 10% off!)


Feb 22-23 The Direct Dating Summit “Relationship Mastery” event.

(Ticket prices go up $50 in 6 hours!)


Time’s ticking away.


Are you going to sit around watching other people kick some ass?


Or are going to get out of your comfort zone, start acting like a weirdo, and getting what you want out of life?


I better see you down there!


Your Pal from another Gal



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