Sasha Daygame in ackward moment

SHB ackward moment!!


Sept 22nd

Before I get to today’s blog entry, just a couple of funny things I did …
Couple days ago on my bike… I just rode up to this hottie and was like “damn, you’re cute!”
She says “thanks”
I says “We gotta hook up. You got a boyfriend?”
She says “unfortunately yes!”
I says “ok, fair enough”
Simple I know. It was just cute how fucking to the point it was. And that I was on a bike. It’s always a bit funnier if you’re on a bike.

Today, I was in the park playing frisbee. I threw it as this mother daughter set, saying the frisbee wanted me to talk to her… they were walking off. Then I picked it up, and threw it at the daughter. It hit her in the back, and I was like “you see? It’s fate. Don’t fight it”
They didn’t see the humour in it – but I did.
I texted the SHB actress/model girl from last week today, inviting her to comedy. She called me on the phone. We talked for a bit. IT was alright, I get her go after 7.5 mins. She was excited about coming to the gig. Cool.
She comes along. She’s looking smoking, wearing some tight shit that shows everything off – same as last time. So much for her “oh, I was just coming from the gym” story. She always wears that shit.
ANywho I do my set, it’s all good. After I say to her “let’s go upstairs for a chat”
We go up and start talking. It’s quite boring. She mainly talks about herself. Same couple of topics it seems…. We were going deeper than this the other day, but I was making an effort. I’m really thinking is how hot she is and how much I want to bone her. Fuck she’s hot. It’s really difficult not to like at her perfect breasts/abs…… I’m an ab man. It’s really sick. Now I know she’s got a BF. But she came out just for me, she’s here, and that’s gotta mean she’s into it. I’m planning on taking this conversation into mode one. I’m running through some david X style shit, but I’m thinking I’m just going to tell her what’s in my head, which was the fact that I couldn’t focus on talking to her with her looking so fucking sexy. She was driving me crazy. I am – literally – opening my mouth to do this as… guess who walks in?

HER FUCKING BOYFRIEND!!!!!! HE’s very nice and introduces himself etc. Then he needs to pop out to the cash machine. She says “I didn’t know he was coming” and I’m thinking “how the fuck did he know you were here?”
Anywho: long story short – (as he said) they’re together all time. I can see the way he behaves around her…… she owns his ass. Nice guy though. Poor guy. Part of me wants to teach him game. Teach him game, and fuck his girlfriend. Nice. I won’t get into the dynamic between them but it’s an interesting one. Mutually beneficial. Value exchange. She’s not really into him, and I don’t think he’s ever really that into her – she is smoooooking hot though. I guess that’s enough.
Ah well. This other girl showed up too, my friends kept her distracted. Once the shb left, I chatted to the other girl a bit. This is the girl I mucked about with, who I’d said “just come over for sex” to. I made it clear. She asked when I was performing tho so I though what the fuck. She was being too weird though so I didn’t even want to pump her. Maybe I could have. I don’t really care. But – once again – I tell my pals I’ll meet ‘em in a second. I’m just about to say “look, I’m only interesting in fucking you – that’s all” and her bus comes, and she runs to get it.


I just can’t get any direct shit out tonight. Ah well. The experiment shall go forth. I’m going to send some direct ass texts to women in phone. Also, this weekend sarging – it’s going to be interesting hehe.


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