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Ok so one of the Most Frequent Questions I get is:

What’s my personal reading list?

I’ve read a lot of good books over the years so it’s hard really to come up with a definitive list. But here’s a bunch of stuff that’s pretty awesome. Hopefully you’ll find it useful:

First Things first: I’d be a bad entrepreneur if I didn’t plug MY book first, eh?

Every Man should get a copy of The Dirct Daygame Bible by Sasha Daygame here!


“Way of the superior man” by David Deada

If you want to date multiple women, Johnny Soporno’s stuff is good (tho he hasn’t written a book!) is his website. Lots of amazing stuff my him in so get your butt in there!

“A new Earth” by Eckhart Tolle (I think this is EPIC, but some people like “The Power of Now” more.

If you want to improve your response times/spontaneity, write 5 minutes of jokes and do some freaking stand up comedy. It will be good for you.

Also: I would urge people totake an IMPROV Workshop. Check reviews first online, but there’s plenty of great places all around the world.

Also: Greg Dean has a great book about how to write jokes on Have a look!

4 hour workweek by Tim Ferris (if you need a kick in the ass to start making $$!

More spiritual stuff:

All humans MUST READ “Conversations With God” – don’t let the title fool you. Total life changer.

Other people you really should listen to:

Wayne Dyer



Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


And then just overall great books:

To Kill a mockingbird

Animal Farm


Spiritual Journey of Joseph L. Greenstein: The Mighty Atom (Out of Print, so good luck)


Okay that’s it for now, but I’ll pop back on and update this list when some more things pop into my head!

Good luck. And please comment with your own best books, I’ll be happy to read them and add them to the list for others :)



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