Sasha Daygame in harem is falling apart

Sasha’s Harem is falling apart!!! :(

July 8th

Ah fuck.  The Sasha Harem is falling apart!!

So, the Bulgarian has gone back home for the summer…. Where she’s going to (attempt) to break up with her bf. She says she can’t wait to see me in Oct when she gets back – but we’ll see what happens. I’ll miss her!

Now, it gets worse. Hbmixed had emailed me last week saying how excited she was to visit this guy in the U.S.  I was happy for her. But now, she’s emailed me saying she’s crazy about this guy, and they’re together now, and that’s it! Seems a bit crazy, after seeing someone for 10 days in a row (though they’ve been talking online for a while.)  Even crazier to have a long distance exclusive relationship. I mean – CRAZY. But hey….. she thinks she’s in love. Maybe she is. sighhhhhh. I liked her (well, I still do) and she sex was really good! This is the first time this has happened to me since going polyamorous last summer.  I knew it would happen eventually… and after giving my girls the whole “I want you to be happy, I’ll still be here for you no matter what” speech – I have no choice but to be happy for her!! Hehe… and I am….. can’t be selfish about it.

It’s an interesting feeling though. I like these girls – they are great! But ultimately, because they are my friends…. I do want them both to be happy. Even if that means I don’t get to sleep with them anymore :(  …… I guess that’s how it goes. I can hear Johnny’s voice in my head “It’s ok. Just relax and be cool. Eventually he’ll fuck up, and she’ll come crawling back into your arms….” But I don’t really know if I want that. I want her to be happy….. I know I’ll be! ;)

Don’t know if I’m surprised myself but …. It’s cool. Totally cool! :)

As we know….  there are always more hotties, just over the horizon…..


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