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This is something I wrote back when I was starting out, but it has some good stuff in it… enjoy!

Questions from Magazine:

Hi Sasha
I was given your email by [L.D.], he said you wouldn’t mind talking to me. I am writing an article on The Game, the Mystery Method and so on from a woman’s point of view for the final project on my Postgrad Magazine Diploma course. I am aiming it at Cosmopolitan magazine, and am hoping to actually pitch the article to them once it has gone to my tutor.
[L.D.] said you do seminars on the techniques; are these in the UK? What makes men come to these seminars? What kind of men do you get coming, and what do they hope to achieve? Also, in your experience, why do these techniques work on women? It seems like women would not enjoy a ‘neg’ for example, but it obviously does work.
Thanks so much, it would be great to hear from you. Let me know if you would prefer to speak on the phone, I would be happy to give you a call.

Thanks again,
PGDip Magazine Journalism
Cardiff University

My Answer:

Hey there. That’s cool that you are writing an article on that stuff. I’m actually quite fascinated by women’s take on all this. I might have some questions for you as well, after I’ve finished answering yours!

Well, answering your first questions it the most simple. What kind of men take these sorts of seminars? All sorts. Next question…

Heh – only kidding – I’ll elaborate. Although honestly, that’s the answer. What kind of man would like to increase his success with women? Well, what kind of man wouldn’t? A gay man, perhaps. An impotent man? Or, a hopeless man. So pretty much any straight man that is straight, potent, and willing would be interested. Ages 16-60. I know quite a few guys around 18-19 that are into “game” and my oldest student so far has been 43, although I have met guys in their fifties that are in it as well. This is one hobby that really encompasses an entire sex. Doctors, lawyers, students, vegetarians. I even know one homeless man who is into it!

Now – what do these guys hope to achieve? What does anyone hope to achieve? A lot of people in “the community” would give you an answer that goes something like this: “To increase their success with members of the opposite sex, in order to find that special someone.” This is a partial truth. Sure, some guys want to find a girlfriend. Deep down, everyone wants to find someone they want to be happy with, no matter what they say (even the “players” – guys who go around sleeping with loads of women). But, the majority of guys into “game” are just trying to get some dates! (Yes, that means they are trying to get laid!) It is what it is. However, there seem to be some negative emotions at the thought of these guys going around “tricking” women into bed. This is also a falsehood. Although there are certain techniques that can be applied to “game” that are somewhat questionable, the vast majority of guys out there aren’t using them. NLP and hypnosis, for example, could be used in somewhat devious ways to get women into bed. I’m no expert on these techniques, but from what I understand, even hypnosis is the power of “suggestion.” Nobody is going anything against their own will, nor could they. Even so, I know dozens of “PUAs” and only one that I’ve met using any of these used any of these techniques. Even Mystery method, which is often portrayed in a bad light is nothing more than, simply put, the psychology of the female thought process broken down. That’s all it is. Can you really get mad at a man for studying psychology in order to increase his chances with women? Even a “neg” is simply a light put down. If a woman is gorgeous, and completely up her own ass and you approach her with “wow, you are sooo beautiful, can I buy you a drink?” I can guarantee you that you will not have success with that woman. She’ll take your drink and the blow you off. However if you came up to her and said “Oh my god! You’re like the second cutest girl I’ve ever seen!” that is much more likely to get her attention. Based on my experience, 90% of hot women are going to respond to that:

“What? Second cutest!?”

to which I reply “Yeah. The first cutest was absolutely stunning. She was a bit of a bitch though, I didn’t really want to get to know her anyways. Hopefully, you’ll do better (wink)”

You see what I did there? Telling a women she’s the 2nd hottest girl I’ve ever met is a massive compliment. Most men have met thousands of women. But, because typically it’s “You’re so hot” or “You’re the hottest girl I’ve ever seen” (which can work) this is different. It’s only a slight neg, but enough to get the woman’s interest and open her successfully. Also by saying I wasn’t interested in THE hottest woman I’ve ever met, I’m showing that I’m a sexual selector. That I’m picky and have standards. This would also be pushing attraction switches in the woman. Again, more psychology. For the record, that line is one that I’ve come up with myself and yes, it is very, very effective.

Side note: generally negs only work on very attractive women. I once told an average looking girl she had “man hands” and it really bothered her. That was the end of the interaction!

There are many different methods and schools of though for seduction. I have my own method that I teach which revolves around my identity, which is being a comedian. (Really it revolves around my personality, which is being a funny guy)

I teach guys to bold, spontaneous, funny, and direct. If you’re having fun, and you’re projecting a cool vibe – that will attract girl to you. Then it’s just a matter of getting to know a girl and voila!

This past example is just one small example out of literally hundreds of lines, routines etc that exist in the community.

Do techniques work? The lines and the routines? Yes, they work.

That being said you may get the idea that is all about “lines and routines”

Also a falsehood.

A great proportion of resources and time spend on “game” goes to improving what we refer to as “inner game” i.e – getting your life together.

Newbies who join the the community are encouraged to read books such as “The power of now” by Eckhart Tolle and “The way of the superior man” by David Deida. Even self help stuff by Anthony Robbins. Books on improving your conversations skills, such as “How to talk to anyone” by Leil Lowndes as well as classics such as “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. The list goes on and on. The thinking behind it being quite simple. Improve yourself, become a more confident, assertive man and the women will come flocking to you.

That works as well.

But as in all things, what you get out of it depends on what you put into it. For some guys, just some fashion tips, a few new threads and a good haircut may be all the change they needed. With others, a confidence boost. A new way of thinking. Some guys are just afraid to speak to women, and once they are pushed into “sets” (interactions with women) by other more experiences guys, the are away!

Generally there is no “quick fix”

Getting good with women takes time, patience, and practice! Some guys are born with it, and some are not!

All game is attempting to do is even out the playing field.

I believe it to be a positive thing for women as well. Do you really want some ill prepared, socially miscalibrated man using a lame pickup line, in a weak attempt to chat you up in a pub? Haven’t you girls had enough of that? Or would you prefer a confident, assertive man with a plan?

Don’t women like being seduced? Are they not sexual beings? I wouldn’t want to live in a world where that wasn’t the case!

Hope that helps – wow I wrote a lot, haha! Just let me know if you have any other questions I’d be happy to help!

And keep me appraised about what magazine this does or does not get into!! ;)

Sasha Daygame


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