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I’m slaving away like a little bitch.  Just sitting in front of the computer. Slaving away. I can’t see how people do this day in, day out. I just don’t see it.   How do people not go apeshit and start shooting/knifing everybody??

Did go on a date with a cute young girl with a quirky sense of humour. We talked a bit of filth but I refused to kiss her. I told her I wanted to build up the sexual tension. I only kissed her on the neck a bit and that’s it.  I couldn’t take it all the way so I followed the golden rule (for a change) lol.

I met this very cute Lithuanian / went direct / and she just avoided the boyfriend issue. Then when I tried to arrange plans she said she has a boyfriend and it has to be just for friends. Hmm.  Either she likes the attention / is up for it… i think girls just know as soon as they say they have a BF we’ll fuck off. And they’re right. May invite her round to chill. This other girl I met last week was super cool, and has a BF too. I think i’m goin go invite them all over for movies (and tell’em to bring their girlie pals) and just run massive social circle game at my house. Should be fun.

I met another girl who lives right around the corner who said she was up for movie night. Not my type but she said her flatmate was smokin’ hot. We’ll see about that !

Ah, My Bulgarian girl came back yesterday. She’s doing well and has now managed to get open relationship status with her BF (tho she tried to break up with him, he wouldn’t have it) … so, now she’s free to do what she wants, officially. I’m seeing her on the weekend, which will be good. She’s lovely and I missed her over the summer!

Oh, I came across this book about a guy that goes around doing all kinds of crazy stunts to feel alive…  Reminds me of what me and MArcus make students do on bootcamp! Hang on – I do that stuff just to entertain myself. Does that make me crazy??? Wish I’d met the author before it went to print – I’m sure he’d have loved the peanut allergy prank. bwahaha!! Shit, I think he may even owe me royalies! :P

That’s the one:
Anyone read this?? Might have to get it.  Sigh….. yes another thing on my todo list…

Right. Back to work. I’ll let’ ya’ll know how movie night goes…. Boom !!


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