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Sasha Daygame’s Podcast!

Alright, so I’ve decided to start a podcast. Bout time, right?

Ultimately, I think I’m going to have it be about … Men’s shit. Or Truth. Or just “Sasha’s Awesome Podcast” … I don’t want it to be strictly PUA, you know?

I want to talk about whatever I want, obviously. I was thinking of having it on vimeo or whatever, but I want people to be able to call in and all that, and to have it on i-tunes. Blog Talk radio maybe?? I’m erratic with my schedule though… so I’d rather just record them whenever I have a chance. Not each week at a certain time – though that would have some advantages too.

Anyone know the best solution for this? If so leave me a comment!

For now, I’ve stuck the first one on my youtube page on this link.

I got a lot of amazing people to get on there, and lots to talk about – so it should be an interesting few years – if the world doesn’t end in December :P


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  • Paul says:

    Hey, I am in the UK and I tried to access the podcast on iTunes and was told not available to UK users. WTF!

    How can I listen to it? not on stitcher either.


  • Toro Negro says:

    Nope, I go out armed with nothing but a high fibre diet

  • Toro Negro says:

    Inspired by your video about putting yourself in high-pressure social situations I am going to experiment with agressive farting in public.

    Will let you know if it gets me laid ;-)

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