Sasha Daygame vs super aa guy

Sasha Daygame vs Super AA guy!

I’m teaching this guy now with Super Approach Anxiety.

What’s funny is… he’s like a really nice/cool/funny guy, who’s good looking and has it pretty much together. But massive amounts of approach anxiety! Even asking another man for directions is too much. When I tried to get him to do some of the social pressure games, he almost had a heart attack!  Session 2, he spend about 45 minutes shitting himself. Literally.

Me and Marcus have about a 95% cure rate for approach anxiety…  the shit we’ve come up with is pretty fucking amazing… and yet here and there, we find someone we can’t cure. Over the years we’ve gotten to a point of almost completely being able to wipe out approach anxiety in almost all cases.


Anywho, we’re always planning and scheming how to cure the hard cases… I’m actually looking forward to curing this motherfucker.

Anyways, I told him to start a blog to chronicle his journey. I thought some of you, my legions and legions of loyal readers (yes, BOTH of you) could check out his blog, maybe give him a bit of encouragement? He’s actually a pretty good writer, I enjoyed reading it! He’s just done his 3rd post… but it all starts off with post number one here.

Who knows, maybe he’ll be the next Sasha?

So have a look, and leave the guy a kind word or two.  His name is David and the blog is here.


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