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Sasha Daygame Podcast: The return of Super AA guy!


It’s another episode of my PODCAST!!!!

Get your asses over here and check it out – fucking packed full of awesome info!

This podcast, you guys get to meet PARTYPONY – the guy that does all of my grapihcs and editing. (That’s right – he makes the approach video’s and all)…. and James, the guy who films tthem!

Special guest – SUPER AA GUY!!!! If you don’t know about super AA guy, he was probably my hardest student and is now a direct game whore…. a true inspiration! He’s hooked up with 16 girls (hot ones!) since April of 2011 when he emailed me for the first time. You can see the video I took of him after his very first approach on this link. He’s really come a long way and shares some of his wisdom in the podcast….I know you guys are going looooove it.

Here’s the podcast link again:



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