Sasha Daygame – Japanese Adventures!

So just a little update from me; I love Tokyo!! It’s awesome!

People seem super friendly, but it’s still tricky to really make friends with Japanese people if they don’t speak English. The other day I went on the street just messing around /w ’em and they loved it. They aren’t really used to anyone being as insane as me – so me just hugging or picking up random girls make them freak out hahahah.

I’ll be filming over the next week and I’m sure the footage will be *very interesting* ….

I went to the Sanja festival here where the Japs all show up wearing their crazy “neighbourhood based” outfits and they all jostle/fight to push this huge temple thing somewhere. I’m not 100% sure but it’s entertaining to watch.

During my Japanese Adventures I got some pics of me and a couple of the groups. Strangely, some of them wanted to take a picture with me. Apparently, I still got it ;)

Food here is amazing but they eat some weird shit too. See below

I went out to celebrate Isabelle’s birthday, I stole a fluffy bear hat (he’s a famous bear in japan) and we went to dance in some club. strangely, Japanese people wanted to take pics with me again! They love me!

I’ve started collecting pics of passed out Japs. Don’t know why but it amuses me. Interestingly they are really laid back with you passing out in public. you’ll see people sleeping on the subway, mcdonalds, on floors – normal folks not homeless folks – and nobody bothers them. At the club this woman passed out just inside the club entrance, and the staff put a blanket on her.

Isn’t that amazing? Where I come from they just throw you onto the street. It seems like they’re more “human” here than in the west.

Also, the whole culture is not fear based. I can’t read the paper, but apparently there’s no death/robberies/fear shit all the time. It’s just normal/random news and lots of political stuff. But everyone feels safe and they’re not being TERRIFIED into submission as is so normal in the West (primarily North America)

I find that fascinating too.

Ok I’ll have more to report after filming!


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