Sasha Daygame is a redneck

Sasha Daygame is a RedNeck!! (Usa tour begins)

Yeeeee haaaaaawww!!!

I just bought me an RV. That’s right. The Sasha Mobile! Now, I’m a real red-neck. That’s right. I can say things like “hell”, “Sheeat”, and call everyone “Son’b’Bitch” …

Now, i’m not saying I wasn’t already doing those things. Mainly I was. But now, I can do it with real conviction. You know? And with a stronger souther accent. Oh yeah. Sure can. You Son’m’Bitch.

Also, I can spit wherever I like, steal shit, and knock girls up whenever I feel like.

Again, I’m not saying I wasn’t doing those things already. But I can REALLY go ahead and do those. Shit.

So Chicago was awesome. Really nice people, friendly girls – and plenty o girls running around. And it’s a nice city. I had no idea – but it’s cool! Made some friends there that’ll stick, I reckon. And they loved my comedy stylings too. (I’ll put a clip up if enough folk’ ask.)

So, I my USA tour has officially begun. We just got to Washington D.C last night. It took WAY longer than we thought, so we had to move the lair talk to Friday night. So if anyone knows anyone in WAshington, let’em know.

Today was funny – we were in a pretty ghetto part of the city and we went for gas. Out pump wasn’t working, and then next one filled at likst quarter speed. As I was waiting for the RV to fill up, I saw this feller with no shirt on, and his trousers almost to his knees dis-allowed from entering the gas station. And I thought to myself “god damn. How shit is your life when you can’t get into a gas station. Can you imagine?”

“Sir… I’m afraid – you’re just not classy enough to get in here. Go home, get a job, clean yourself up and come back in 6 months. We’ll take a look at you then and see if we can offer you some gasoline then”

WOW !!!

Anywho: I’ll be a drivin’ around the USA till feb doing lair talks and teachin’ bootcamps. So if you’re in the states make sure to check out my schedule on

Hopefully I’ll Catch all you som’bitches out there ;)


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