Sasha Daygame in how to approach a girl

Sasha Daygame’ How to Approach a Girl: Part 1 of 3

Everyone is always asking “What’s the best opener?” I know it’s been said before, but I’ll say it again – it doesn’t really matter. If you have a good vibe and you’re smiling anything works. It’s really my overall attitude and fun energy that is getting girls interested in talking to me. That being said, a good opener always helps in any approach (direct and indirect daygame)!

Oh – Keep in mind I very much have my own style for opening. Not all openers suit all types of guys. (Calibration may be required!) Although there’s plenty of ways to open – direct, indirect, non-verbally – my preferred method in the day time is direct/funny or situational/funny or situational/direct/funny. Hah? Situational/funny/direct? What the hell is that? That’s me!

For example:

“Nice shoes. God damn you’re hot, I almost bumped into that signpost!”

Cute, huh? It’s one of my own. In fact, in parts 2 and 3, I’ll be sharing some of my killer openers that have never been shared before … So, let’s get started!

Right, opening is important. It’s really important. If you don’t open – you never meet the girl. And I think you’ll find meeting the girl is really of paramount importance when it comes to…. Well, anything that comes after meeting a girl. J

It is my belief that you have to make a tremendous impression in the first 5 seconds of the opening. Otherwise, you’re going to lose the woman’s attention. That’s right – 5 seconds!

Imagine a socially awkward, nervous guy approaching a woman. How long before she recognises his insecurity and blows him out? Imagine it now for a moment.

“Hey, I uhh… my name… uhhh.”

There. He’s done. To stutter then took about 3 seconds in my head. Maybe 4. By 5 seconds she’s already turned her back on him. So – how do you get her attention? By being original. Even before that, by not having bad body language, coming across as needy, or staring at her tits…. do get your basics down as they are very important. But after that the key is… being DIFFERENT!

Now: I thought I might mention a few “typical” things guys say to pick up girls, the few that actually have the audacity to approach women in the day.

Now before I share my super fun awesome openers with you guys – let’s take a look at what DOESN’T work! I’ve spoken to a few ladies on the topic and I’ve come up with the few things that women are hearing from the guys out there that DO have the moxy to open during the day. Unfortunately “balls” doesn’t equal “game.” Here are a few examples:

The #1 worst daygame opener is (are you ready for it…?)

“Hey. I’m a banker. Here’s my card, give me a call sometime. (Wink)”

Yep. There you have it folks. No, I’m not kidding.

No, I didn’t just make that up.

Do I really have to break down why this is absolutely horrifically bad?? What you are saying is this “I’m going to try to impress/bribe you with my money. Even though I am more successful than you, I totally fear you because you are beautiful. Hey. I have no idea how to talk to women.”

Next one: Wow, you’re so pretty. Are you a model?

Uggggh. WOW! REALLY? Yeah really. Hell, this used to be my opener pre-game. Why? Because I really didn’t know what to say. The woman is soooo hot, I’m blown away. I didn’t know how to deal with it; most guys still don’t.
This is tantamount to simply saying “I have no clue how to talk to desirable women!”

Another popular one:

“Hi you’re cute. Can I get your number?


“Hi you’re cute. Let’s get a drink sometime”

Going for the number straight away (though it may work on occasion) isn’t exactly tight game. Where’s the comfort? Where’s the attraction? Most #’s attained in this fashion will be flakes. But amazingly some girls will give their number out and meet up with you in this scenario. Looking like Brad Pitt would help. At least here you’ve let the girl know that you like her, which is something.

Those of course, are the unoriginal openers that involve talking.

Then there’s the whistling/cat calling. Oh yeah. That gets the ladies turned on.

In European countries (yes, mainly I’m talking about Italy here) men will whistle as girls walk by. In the US, it’s more like “Heyy hot stuff! Looking gooood!” Which is pretty much the same thing. All I can say is this:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard of a women ever, ever, ever turning around after being whistled at by a guy, walking up to them and saying “Say- that’s some nice whistling there. Here, take my number. Maybe we can meet up later and we can see if you can fuck as good as you can whistle?”

Yikes. As I was saying…

An opener should be original, entertaining, and direct. You want to let the woman know you are interested, but in a fun non-needy way that diffuses the awkward tension that might be associated with one stranger approaching another in a public area (for sex.)
At least, that’s my style.

Right – now that’s I’ve covered what NOT to do, I’m going to get into what does work, including my recipe list for what makes a great daygame opener! See you next week!



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  • TheJoseph says:
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    Hi Sasha,

    just doing my homework before the bootcamp in a few weeks :)… so 5 seconds I have mhmm I thought it were 3 sec hehe well, 2 sec more yeaaa.

    Indirect / situational I often could start a conversation with a girl but yeah then kind of lost here attention or missing pulling the trigger. But the best so far was a simple “Hi”/situational.


    We’ll see. CONTINUED… *click*

  • JayvH says:

    Just stumbled over this old article and see the 5seconds that you have. I think of Boris’ video where he has the guy just say ahhhhhhhhhhh for a long time and the girl is just standing their and waits. Seem’s to need an update.

  • Pronto says:



    WHERE IS THE $%^&* PART 2 THEN?!


    The link CONTINUED links to… instead of…

    No problem :)

  • Natsuhiboshi says:

    Couldn’t help laughing at the banker pick up line haha, Ever since i saw that video of you talking to a girl who admitted she had a boyfriend (after your whats his name test) which you replied to by screaming Nooooooooooo in a crowded street i’ve been hooked on your style of pickup and i’m finally making some progress myself. Thanks for that and keep it up. By the way what is that awsome song you use in the video that pops up when i open the site? Suits you very well.

  • Asteroid says:

    Nice article, it makes sense. For what I’ve read, do you really think you can’t compliment in a funny way? For instance: “Hi you’re cute. Let’s get a drink sometime to see if you worth it”. Would it be so bad? (I wouldn’t do it, or maybe yes in the future. But, the point is, does sound really bad?)
    Anyway, I’m gonna read more. See you in part 2! )

  • Haris says:

    Hey, Sasha.
    Just wanted to drop by and say “YOU ARE FREAKING AWESOME.” I’m having trouble approaching girls at the moment and i will hopefully try all your advice on overcoming them. If you ever visit South East Asia give us a shoutout.

    From your number 1 fan in S.E. Asia.

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