Sasha Daygame – Comedian? Poker Player? PUA???

My good friend Marcus always says to me


“Tosser, when are you going to go back to doing comedy?”


He’s got a point.


Every time I watch one of my old comedy clips, I always think “Damn, I’m funny!”


It’s kind of weird not thinking of myself as a stand-up comedian anymore – for a long time that’s really who I was. All of my passion drove me to be THE FUNNIEST COMEDIAN ON THE PLANET (And I’d say I got pretty close….)


It was my first passion – it was my only passion. I loved it.


Around 2003 I found myself sitting in the back of a pub in London, playing 7 card stud. I’d been playing that game for a few weeks, and I noticed I was winning a lot of money. It became a second source of income for me – and I soon discovered No limit Texas Hold’em.


I started playing tournaments, and winning money immediately. More than that – I loved the strategic element of it. The bluffing – reading other players. Developing patience. By 2005 I was earning as much money with poker as I was doing comedy… and I’d realized that I was totally in love with poker.


I actually for a moment thought “Fuck comedy! I’m going to become one of the world’s greatest poker players!” …. I flirted with the idea, but decided that anyone could play cards. I was a comedian, and I focused on that.


Fast forward to 2006…. I read The Game.


Well, we all know what happened after that.


Sasha Daygame happened.


I was consumed by the whole “Pick up” thing. I could have sex with gorgeous girls I met…. anywhere!




So I ran around all day hitting on women, had some amazing connections, and then discovered my third passion in life.




Turns out not only did I have a knack for helping other guys get amazingly good with social interactions – it felt great helping other people.


A career was born.


My passion became seduction – I did it with all my heart… and it was good.


Now I’m discovering new things that I love. Health. Entrepreneurship. Travel. Consciousness.


Holy crap!! I don’t even have the time for all this.


So what’s the point here?


Well, what I’ve discovered is:


As you get older, your passion develops and just transforms itself. That driving force that moves us to learn, experience new things, and to improve – matures. It seeks new challenges. It develops a life of it’s own, that thrives on the unknown.


And as it develops and changes – so too does your perspective of the world. So too changes how you enjoy and interact with previous passions.


If I were to do comedy again, my perspective would be different, because I’m different.


Five years from now, I might still be coaching guys. But what I’ll be teaching will be different, just as what I’m teaching now is different than from 5 years ago.


That’s the cycle of life.


So where am I going with all this?


“Passion” is not just a word that means we love doing something. It’s the driving force of life.


It’s who we really are.


The fire that makes you want to connect with a beautiful woman is the same force that makes you want to change the world, or achieve mastery in some area of your life.


If you accept the fundamental truth that everyone’s got something they’d be amazing at….


Then your only “job” is to find it….


and to live it fully.



So how’s that coming along for you?


Are you living it?


Pursuing a few things perhaps?


Or are you still seeking your first love?


As long your passion is part of your life – then you’re alive.


And women will be able to relate to you.


If it’s not – you’re not really living at all…


And to women you meet, they will know you’re a dead man walking.


So find your passion – and live your purpose.


There’s nothing else to be done here, after that.


End of Story.




P.S Oh, just for shits and giggles, I’ve put up a couple of comedy clips you might enjoy:


If you like my stand-up … you may enjoy this clip right here.


And if racism makes you uncomfortable, do NOT watch this clip. You’ll hate it.


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