battle of malta

Sasha Daygame @ Battle of Malta!

That’s right – Sasha Daygame, the GREATEST PUA POKER PLAYERE OF ALL TIME is coming to kick your ass at Battle of Malta! ;)

I was already planning to attend the event as I have a couple of friends playing….. then I got asked to write an article about about the whole girls/poker thing, so I did! Check out my article “How to pick up a girl at a poker tournament” – I think it’s pretty good!

It got me inspired to talk a bit more about social calibration (as this is one of the keys to any pickup, and certainly at a poker event!) so I made a video about on on my youtube channel, right here:

It’s got some good bits in it!

If you play cards – I dare you to come and take me on at BATTLE OF MALTA!

I’ll accept heads up challenges from any player… ;)



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  • Craig says:

    Hi Sasha, love all of the materials you post! Life changing!!

    I just had a question for you. Do you have any websites, books, or films that I could check out for my own personal knowledge on how society is completely out of whack?

    I’m currently reading the 4-hour work week and want to set up my own business for many of the reasons that Tim mentions in the book. I just have heard you mention that society is bullshit in your videos, and was curious about learning the things that you know!

    If you have time, I’d love to hear from you but that’s okay if not. I know you’re a busy guy :)

    Thanks again for all of your life changing work!!

    • Admin says:

      Hey bro, glad you’re enjoying my stuff. Well, that’s a HUGE ASS QUESTION because “the world” as we are led to believe it exists – doesn’t exist. At all. The news is fake, it’s a distraction from the truth. there is NO real democracy. We are kept sick on PURPose because we’re easier to control that way – and they make more money of sick people. The people who truly in charge are quite happy with the system as it is – they are getting paid.

      Google “suppressed technologies” or “what is real money” or “bilderburg meetings” or “illuminati” …. put you won’t like what you find.

  • Socialkenny PUA says:

    Poker tournaments are so rare at least in my parts, so this wouldn’t be too viable unless I’m headed to a poker town. Vegas or Atlantic City baby!

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