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Same Day Sex (again) … HBwaitress

This is from last week:


So, I’m teaching  a bootcamp in Atlanta. Me and the students enter this independent café. There’s a cute waitress that works there.  When I came in she made some comment about my jacket relating to the weather. I made some comment on how I escaped Canada to get away from the cold. Was like a 10 second interaction.  I’d decided she was cute and friendly though, so when she passed me against I was like


Sasha “Hey, I’m not hitting on you ….but….”


and then she says


“I’m ok either way!”


So I said. “Ok then, I am hitting on you. You’re cute, what’s your name?”


HBwaitress “I’m Brooke”


Sasha “I’m Sasha”


HBwaitress “I like your hair, and your jacket!”


Sasha “I like you! What time do you finish work?”


HBwaitress “630”


Sasha “Ok, I’ll come meet you then”


HBwaitress “Ok”


Sasha (heavy eye contact + grabbing her arm) “No really, I’m coming to get you at 630”


HBwaitress “Ok sounds good”


Sasha “Ok gimmie your number in case I’m late or sumthin’”


HBwaitress gives me her number.


That was it.




So I come back at 630. Something a bit ackward happened – on the way there I’d said to this woman with Massive tits (that were being shown off) “Hey you’re sexy. What’s going on in there?” and she’s like “nothing” .. I said “Oh I thought there would be a bunch of sexy girls so I got excited” … and she said “no, there’s a bunch of cute girls that work next door in the café.” That’s when I realized that SHE worked in the café.  Which was bad. I knew she was going to tell My one that I hit on her – and she did.


When I arrived Hbwaitress waves at me, and me and my pals wait around till she’s done.  She comes over and she accused me of hitting on her friend. I said I didn’t hit on her, I told her she was sexy. There’s a difference. Hitting on her would have been actually asking her out on a date….


So we basically go to starbucks, chat for a while and get into the question game.


She’s 20, and is kind of a free spirit. Never had a serious relationship, doesn’t believe in them.  I do a minimal explanation of my world view but pretty much cut it short as she’s getting impatient. She already wants to get laid.  Eventually she mentions she’s hungry. I give her a short massage and say “alrighty, do you have food at your house?” She says yes, I tell her “cool, food, massages at your house” and she’s like “let’s go!”


Back at hers she makes a few comments about how I’m not going to get laid. I just tell her that’s her loss if it’s the case and continue escalating verbally and physically.  She didn’t really have “ASD” but, seemed to get off on sort of teasing me/pretending we weren’t going to have sex. That kind of stalled it by about 2 hours, and then we got to it. Silly girls and their games. I was doing her a favour for god’s sake! Once it was over, there was really nothing else to do. The deed was done! I go raid her kitchen for food, and then Detail comes to pick me up in the RV. We’re off to the next city!  Yeeee-hawww!!!


Fairly standard stuff. Just goes to show ya – if you get a green light, you don’t need to faff around. Just pull the trigger, setup a date and away you go ;)


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