Ryan Black and Liam McRae on the Sasha Daygame Podcast

I have a confession….
I used to jizz my pants all the time.

Yeah, true story. I WAS SO OVER SEXED AND UNDER LOVED – I’d go to strip clubs…. and I’d ALWAYS ejaculate on my first lap dance. It was epic (And heck, I thought that was normal?!)


If a girl gave me a dance and I didn’t blow my load – I would be really disappointed. WOW I was horny! haha (Yes that went away after a while!)


Well, I told Liam McRae that years ago, and then he went off and…. well you should hear the story for yourself in this podcast I’ve just uploaded.


Today’s podcast has got RYAN BLACK & LIAM MCRAE all in one!


If you needed convincing further…. They discuss:

• How to stop giving a fffffffffuuuuu

• How the above will massively increase your happiness

• How to stop living your life according to what OTHER PEOPLE (+ the system) want

Hilarious ass story about a man jizzing his pants on purpose

• General life wisdom



Here it is:


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