Nelson stated his goal whilst on Sasha’s bootcamp was to be able to approach in any situation without fear of the girl’s response. In the pre-bootcamp interview he said that he was scared of approaching, and would have to beat himself into talking to a hot girl.

Remember that same man when you watch the video below:


Legal Disclaimer: Any results mentioned in the testimonials on the site, although pretty common for many of my students, are not typical and should not be construed as a claim, promise or guarantee of your actual results. By the same token, I accept no responsibility or liability of any kind for any actions or omissions on your part if you choose to use my material or not. I don’t know you and can’t possibly know whether you’ll succeed in any way, if at all. Success in this area takes time and effort and, unfortunately, the vast majority of guys out there will probably never put the work in to transform their dating lives and therefore will get zero results. All I can say for sure is that the guys that put 100% effort into their training and continue implementing after their course tend to have the biggest long-term transformations.

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