It took me probably longer than 6 months to internalize everything and unpack what the fark just happened after the residential, even adapting back into society was hard, I see the world differently now, no shit. This last years been immense, to give a bit of insight I’m currently sitting in my bed, exhausted from fucking three different beautiful girls in the last week, one of which for the first time and I’m meeting up with a sexy Russian tomorrow, she knows the deal ;) I’ve had multiple girlfriends the past year and been hounded by questions from my male and female friends about how I conduct myself. My housemates can’t believe the traffic next door to them. My mate said today as a joke he should film me going around meeting girls because he doesn’t believe it sometimes and he’d love for me to teach him, which I hope to think I’ve helped a few of my friends by offering them Sasherly advice. What would Sasha say?
Guys always ask if I was born with some gift or did I learn it, the answer is always SASHA FUCKING DAYGAME! Not that I think I’m neccessarily special, anyone can do it with the proper training and teaching, but I had no idea this lifestyle existed a year ago. More free time just means more pussy, you’ve created a fucking machine, haha quite literally, smell these fingers ;) Also thanks to your epic podcasts I’ve also made the authentic essiac tea and given it to my friend as a true test, as she has an auto-immune disease, I’ll be documenting her results. I’ve also booked in my Verpassana and I’m shit scared but working up to it. I’m striving to be the best version of myself, thanks for being a huge kick up the arse!
Anyway a huge thank you and I’ll be sending your new Sasha bible launch videos to all of my bros.
Lastly you probably get this all the time but I’m dead serious. I want to take my daygame experience to the next level, be an apprentice Sasha Daygame lacky that grinds his hands to bone, outworks the fucking sun and absorbs experiences like they were food for the starving! I’m ya bloody aussie dickhead with more motivation to score than a crack addict on withdrawals! Enough analogies. If I can learn that much in a weeks residential imagine what would happen if that were directed at helping others, so I need the skills to teach, to further help my friends and fellow man from society’s bullshit, and if you want to be the best you need to learn from the best! (shameless big-ups).
So if you have a spot this year, anywhere in the world, for an Anakin like (the early years) apprentice, I’m there, I’m not fucking around. How’s that sound?
Dan *


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