Review: Woody, Scotland, 28th March 2011

I attended Sasha’s course over a year ago and I can honestly say it transformed my dating life. When I took the course I was frustrated with the whole PUA community, I was trying to be an Alpha Male, I was always thinking about my stance, how I was holding my drink, was I negging enough / not enough etc. I actually saw the process of picking up women as a chore.

Sasha’s course injects fun into every part of your life which makes attracting women not only easy…but fun:

-I got a number from the first woman I spoke to

-I got a date the first night

-I had my first 1 night stand the week after the course and my 2nd one night stand the week after that.

Since then I haven’t been 1 month without sex and I doubt I ever will be for the rest of my life as it’s now my choice, when and whom I have sex with.

Sasha – THANK YOU!!!

All my best

-Woody, Scotland, 28th March 2011


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