Review: Titziano, Italy, 7th April 2010

OK, so my best friend and I got Sasha to organize a weekend bootcamp for us on daygame. Eventually 2 other students joined so we ended up with 4 students and 2 instructors (Sasha + Marcus) – great!

From a game and women-success perspective, my friend and I come from quite different backgrounds. I’ve been reading about game for the last couple of years and opened a couple of hundred sets, both in day and nightgame. My friend on the other hand, just heard about game and has mostly got his previous girlfriends through his social circle.

The bootcamp was 2 x 5 hrs sessions split over 2 days plus a bonus bar-game session on the first night.

The first 3 hours or so where spent in a coffee shop going through some basic theory and sticking points. We started working on a “comfort” story. He gave us the choice between telling our own or using one of his. Then we hit the streets for some day game. On the way he taught us some basic kino too. Have to say we started with what

may be considered one of the toughest sets, i.e. moving sets. We were then given some homework (opening 5 sets each) before splitting and reconvening for some bar game.

Sasha and Marcus then showed us around a few bars and this is where I had my most important breakthrough of the seminar. I had done a lot of indirect game and Markus introduced me to a very powerful form of direct game. My biggest sticking point was opening HB8/9/10 sets and he helped me push my boundaries and open a 8.5 and number-close her (I had opened her without much success a few minutes earlier!!!). Sasha also helped winging me talking to her friend as I spoke to my target.

The next day was more about text game, refining our “comfort” story and building rapport. Here both Sasha and Markus taught us some very powerful rapport-building techniques. Then we hit the streets for some more practice.

What I really liked is that they pushed us to open only the girls we really liked and ignore the others. This has completely changed the way I do game.

Specifically I learned:

– opening moving sets of HB 8/9/10

– opening HB8+ with direct situational openers no matter where they

are/what they are doing

– ironed out sticking points such as stillness, smiling, being confident

– how to “create opportunity where there isn’t”

– how to just go for girls I really like and therefore come across

with sincere compliments that impress the girl

Overall, GREAT bootcamp! Absolutely worth the price. Solid guy, great fun, no bullshit and straight to the point. Just about the right length of time for you to absorb everything and put it into practice. Same applies to the other instructor, Markus. He’s got a different style, which made it even better as you got two different gaming

“styles” in one go!

I would definitely recommend this bootcamp, amongst many other things, for the the combination of awesome knowledge and down-to-earth teaching style!

-Titziano, Italy, 7th April 2010


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